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Writings aren’t just the daily school stuff. It’s reach is more than we think. For some, it’s a form of entertainment. Someone might consider it a way to change the world. All of it is true, if know what to do.

Whatever the intent, writing can amount to a lot. And thus we provide you a platform where you can make all your dreams come true with writing.

Writers Lawn is an international writing platform that is the brainchild of three young enthusiasts of Bangladesh. Crossing the parameter of our country since its inception, Writers Lawn has crossed the boundary of the country and integrated writers from India, Pakistan, Nepal, Philippines, Afghanistan, Zimbabwe and South Africa. We have 3000+ likes on our page, 12000+ members in our group, and an active panel of 100+ writers across the globe. With a promise of building a gregarious community, Writers Lawn believes in growth that makes a difference. Happy Writing!!

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Writers Lawn is an online magazine open for all to publish unspoken words.Now what can you write? Anything! Fiction, non fiction, articles, travelogue anything you feel easy in writing!All of our content is pure as we proofread everything first hand.The writer can also put his/her valuable insights regarding edits.So cut to the chase and join the authors community today.Keep writing and reinventing yourself!

Let the world read your pieces!❤

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