Interstellar is a colossal science fiction with brains, beauty and heart directed by the fiercely rational puzzle maker and problem solver Christopher Nolan. While Asimov laid the foundations of science fiction Nolan with this movie might have started a revolution in this genre. This masterpiece features characters shovelling exposition at each other for almost three hours. A viewer is certain to be intrigued by thinking what might come.

This post-apocalyptic film depicts humanity’s despoiled home earth ravaging its population which is suffering and starving to extinction as one can only grow and live on corns for now. The US now has no military and the Apollo missions is remembered as a deception intended to bankrupt the Soviets. The film’s protagonist ex-pilot Cooper, starred by Matthew McConaughey discovers his ex-home, the secret facility of NASA thanks to his extremely bright daughter Murph. Cooper follows his destiny as a pilot by joining Amelia casted by Anna Hathaway and two others on an expeditionary space odyssey to find a new home for humanity.

Matthew McConaughey carries the feelings of the human part of the story, revealing more of Cooper as a father, as a human than as a member of the space crew. Anna Hathaway depicts the character Amelia as a carrier of hope and reality at the same time. Amelia’s father, Dr. Brand starred by Michael Caine is an exemplary visionary who could sacrifice himself and morality for the sake of his research and humanity. Matt Damon plays Dr. Mann, the said best of the team which brings a conflict between morality and vision in the viewer’s mind. Murph later on casted by Jessica Chastaine turned out to be the pawn of the game. And the robotic characters provided the taste of a sci-fi movie. The soundtrack was epic, breath-taking providing the best acoustics one can ask.


This sci-fi movie had a strong emotional side unlike any other. Characters are seen wept, in breaking voices and tears streaming through their cheeks. The love between a parent and his children, a woman to her love separated by a distance of light years, a man to humanity and the price each are willing to cling on to their love has been shown by the director. One would realize the power of a goodbye scene and its anguish drives everything that Cooper and Murph are trying to do and also are the other characters and even the whole of humanity.

The storytelling masterpiece has its adherence to principles of relativity, Murphy’s Law, time travel, the unknown dimensions of space and time. When we lack proven discoveries relating to time and space and all we have are a bunch of theories and find our director using the resources perfectly. The fight of the characters against the odds of time and the discovery of ‘they’ and ‘us’ and the transformation of a mere ghost to the protagonist Cooper will make this film stand out not only in its genre but also in the history of film-making.

This movie is based on ecology, metaphysics, cosmology, humanism and sacrifice– all at once. During the starting moments one would find himself in a cacophony of ideas, concepts and images but in the end those would turn into a symphony of beauty and wonders. I would be lying if I said that “Interstellar” is perfect, it isn’t. Nevertheless, those minor imperfections uplift this story of death and renewal to stand as one of Christopher Nolan’s masterpieces.


“Do Not Go Gentle Into that Good Night
Old age should burn and rave at close of day
Rage, rage against the dying of the light.”

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