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Expedition through a Conquest

Rise of Empires: Ottomans directed by Emre Sahin helps a viewer to take an expedition through the historical conquest of Constantinople by the Ottomans. This occupation is not only a clash between Ottoman Sultan Mehmed II and Roman Emperor Constantine Xl but also the encounter of two empires, two religions and the two civilizations at large. Mehmed, new and young to the throne visions the seizure of Roman capital inspired by the ideals of Alexander, the Great. Constantinople, the city which linked the West with the East enticed many rulers but none could make it out successful with the conquest. The century long rule of this sapphire by the Romans made them seem its destined conquerors until 1453 when the Romans for the first time faced the likes of Sultan Mehmed ll. The pizzazz of this ruler ensured the siege to have a positive outcome. This young ruler had in him the qualities of being recalcitrant, learned, dauntless, insidious all at once and this would help the Ottomans have a taste of the Red Apple. While on the other side the Roman King Constantine had the blessings of a belligerent and auspicious commander Giustiniani but the odds of treachery of some of his officials and negligence of his allies led him to no other alternative of a failure. The voice of the kings, ministers, traitors, spies, warriors and the commons– none are left out untold by the narrator . The docudrama is a worth watching historical event in the midst of political scenario, bombardment of the battlefield and the legacy of the conquerors.

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