Peering through my window I observe
The wide landscape with busy people.
The rushing humans in their pursuits of
Money, fame, respect, excellence.
Most eyes tell me the mere aspiration of
Earning a living while a few bear
Burning hopes of change.
I ogle at the loving couples with roses in hand.
I grudge them, become an intruder to the pair of eyes.
My eyes meet those of a happy family,
Laughing daughter, exuberating son,
Caring mother, visionary father.
Again I don’t miss out to glare at
Betrayals, breakups between couples
And unrest among families.
I glare at the materialistic millionaires
Moving in their posh Lamborghinis.
But only manage to envy the spiritual ones
Proceeding with mere contented possessions.
I observe people clinging to their connections.
Connections, integrated or segregated by
Death, borders, society, identity.
I stare at painful deaths
But my eyes can not bare to look at happy endings—
The goodbyes which left out suffering ambience.
I look around to find the ravenous crying,
People following their destinies to become refugees.
I see fear in the eyes of both warriors and victims,
Fear of the unknown wars and calamities.
Staring at the Creator’s world I can’t
Help myself wondering at the skies,
Mystified horizon, drops of water bringing green.
Watching my home lose itself
I can’t but point my glaring eyes
To the best creations.
Tired of locking eyes to that of my species’
I look up, finding the birds
Whose innocence couldn’t make them the best.
I wonder at Almighty’s amusing plan
To accuse me of a fabricated crime,
To educate me by the aperture of my cell.
Fulfilling my sentence I’m frightened
To face the world outside my window,
To go out to dwell in a world,
A world of beauty, a cruel world.
A place with no value of my informal learning
Where a yellow paper matters a lot.
But I still hope to attain beauty
Cause that’s what I have been taught
At my school which I’m leaving,
The only connection which will drive me out
In that insane world.

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