Huan Yamari, a devoted officer who upholds the communist ideals of the state has been posted in a concentration camp for a couple of years. This officer not for a single moment considers his job as onerous. Sitting in his office now he us listening to the recordings of his interrogation. The screams of the audio clips provide him a sense of pride. Looking at his watch he realizes its time to move to the interrogation room and carry on his duty.

In Yamari’s interrogation room, a girl of about 20 years of age is seated in the chair, a chair which bears testimony to a lot of sufferings. Yamari gets in the room, looks at her face and asks her name. To him a name is all that is required to prove someone guilty. Yamari brings his tools and starts plucking out nails, cut off fingers and tear off clothes. The girl shouts, cries and pleads but only to motivate him more. Yamari now puts off his pants. The horrified girl manages to produce some words with her screams, ” I must be your daughter’s age!” Those words  might not have reached his ears and even if those did, the words could not even make a blink in his eyes. All he can see is a terrorist, an alie, a creature blasphemous to the sanctity of the state which needs to be put out off its miser.


Touka is thinking of Maryam, a friend she has been texting for a week. Maryam is her only Muslim frien.  Touka is very intimating to people of varying cultures. But she could not get any words fron Maryam the last two days. She looks at hrr calendar and notices that uts her Mum’s birthday today. She can not recook any memories of her mother as she lost her mother at avery young age. Since then her Dad has been her only family and he has been quite successful in carrying his duty as a family. She does not want to lose the memoirs of het mother so she grabs her father’s laptop which stores the pictures of her mother. Scanning through the folders she discovers a audio file titled as ‘Maryam’ which comes as a surprise. She could not resist the temptation to open the file. She had a mere intention of holding on to her past when she grabbed the laptop and could have never imagined that it would lead her to become the past.

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At his final moments Yamari is holding his daughter’s letter which has been akready read a thousand times.It has been almost two years since her death. Yamari recalls his life, an awkward one, spending  whole of it as a devout Chinese Communist officer except the last two years. He has noe turned out to be terrorist,  a treacherous being of thd state helping hundrads of Maryams escape the camp and even the country. Looking back at his life he can only manage to produce a smile on his face, a face which took prude in carrying out two opposite responsibilitie.

Its time for his execution and he decides to read the letter one last time.

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