Wake your dream
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True love is nothing but a mirage one can pursue but never attain. Your search may be constant, yet it always ends in vain.   The farther you seek, the nearer it may seem. But at the very end, it’s all just a lucid dream.   True love is like an illusion. It promises you ecstasy. Till you finally realise that it’s a non-existent fantasy.   Despite all these obstacles, I know you’re still on a quest. Dear dreamer in […]

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Droplets of acid trickling down my beautiful, smooth skin. Till this day, I can’t forget the excruciating pain I felt within.   Layer by layer, my flesh burnt, leaving my face disfigured. I stopped looking into the mirror due the painful memories it triggered.   Gone are the days when I hoped life would be a fairytale. Now, I feel crestfallen, cloaking my identity in a veil.   He charred not only my face, but also the dreams I had. […]

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