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Acknowledgement of social facts is a mere poison to our health. Addressing the very causal or actually unfavorably causal stereotypes; let’s delve into the ground realities of societal pragmatic agendas. I Have Finally Understood The Big Secret Behind These Facts. It’s No Rocket Science But You Will Still Be Amazed To Know How Exactly Society Manages To Exploit. The social establishment “of perfection” discerns the criteria of contentment and optimism; women who owns an extortionate stature in a society, must […]

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Running over by the sofa placed in lounge; straight to the door and unlocking it, walking down the small staircase crossing the porch covered with ever green grass, all the way to a red mail box. Alan was going through all the mails she received in morning. The mail for which she has been waiting since early summers; is it been there now? Alan’s heart was bumping rapidly and her hands shivering. “So… when you are leaving for the publication […]

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Once Anaximander the great philosopher discerns about dialectics saying that, in universe occurs, a war between opposite forces called as “war of opposites”. In oppose to each force or energy, there exists its opposite form. Concern to the energy of hatred, there comes a positive and robust feeling of love. This dialect between the hate and love create a balance in life and maintained the laws of the universe. Where there is evil for good, there is joy for sorrow. […]

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