Now or never
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Reprisal of Fate

It was 9 of the morning. The newspaper was not yet delivered. Dr. Roy was impatiently waiting for his cup of coffee while Ragini his wife came to him.she asked ” why are you always reluctant about the household responsibilities”?. Goutam told his wife “you know, how much duty I have in the hospital .last night it was very critical for a child to save. I just can’t let them die to please you. Ragini felt a mocking in his […]

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Escape truth

Stopping by the stars making my own Milky way The path is leading me to new galaxies away, Hoping this life would rinse the sorrows, Making the heart overcoming the bitter arrows Weight of attachments binds us to birth, Unfulfilled desires from past revengs on us, Souls get trapped by anger and desires Cycle of life prevails giving false admires, We don’t meet ,we don’t separate So feel the peace , forgive and forget. Thousands sun are hidden in you […]

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