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To The Soliloquies

They never knew that it only takes a smile to crush down the storm that rages inside.Everyday isn’t the same and it wouldn’t be.He keeps asking himself,what would happen today? Same as ever.Routine. Your routine is determined.Sort of a straight line.And there is never a hinge on a straight line.Couldn’t I break it down?Bring on some changes? Like what? Nothing outside the routine? No. Why not? Fly a kite perhaps? Fly a kite!Who on these days would fly a kite?And […]

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It’s 21 st century. The era of technologies. We see big trees extendeding their branches broad around but actually…..their root is under the soil. The strode its root is, the more it goes upwards. We, the best creature of almighty too have roots. Nowadays facebook, instagram, youtube and memes are snatching away a lot of times from everyday life. While scrolling down, some pictures are captured by heart. A father staring at a sweeper, saying to his son, “Study hard […]

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