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What Happens to Me

Oh dear,Do you know
What happens to me?

Oh dear,My heart beats for you
Twice in every second.
Everytime it beats,
It does like an Earthquake.
You don’t know.

Oh dear,I feel something for you
Every moment that I think of you.
Everytime I feel it,
I feel like being mad.
You don’t know.

Oh dear,My legs tremles
Everytime I see you.
Everytime it trembles,
I feel like there’s nothing bellow.
You don’t know.

Oh dear, Water rolls down from my eyes
Everytime you hurt me.
Everytime it rolls,
It does like the rain.
You don’t know.

Oh dear,My heart bleeds for you
From then, when you left me.
All the time it bleeds.
It does like a waterfall.
You don’t know.

Oh dear,What happens to me,
You’ll never know.

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