The inferno of protests for the murder of African-American George Floyd (47) has
inundated the whole United States & beyond. Happened on 25th May 2020, the death
of Floyd wasn’t an unprecedented act in the dark history of the USA.

Where it started…

The protest was first raised in 2012 with the murder of Trayvon Martin (17). George
Zimmerman, an American cop killed the Africa-American boy brutally. Thus, the rage of protests started. Three African-American women coined the term “Black lives matters” in 2013. The acquittal of George Zimmerman stoked up the situation & spread the hashtags. In contrast, the protest achieved a new dimension in May 2014, a white police officer shot another black-American Michael Brown. The situation was exacerbating bit by bit. Right after 4 months, when even the odor of Brown’s heinous killing was still in the air, protests proliferated again. This time, a white policeman choked Eric Garner, another black American, to death. Correspondingly, the inconclusive distress of the Blacks along with their vengeance flooded 5 major cities of the USA by human waves. As a result, People came in numbers with hands in hands, to stop the anguish. But crossing the barrier of their patience, inhumanity struck again. This time outwitting the pandemic situation, 4 policemen barbarously killed George Floyd.

What happened to George Floyd?

4 policemen, 2 of whom had previous criminal charges, suffocated George to death in
broad daylight. A cop strangled him with his knees for a straight 8 minutes and 46
seconds though he pleaded “I can’t breathe, please!!” 16 times. They called for EMS as
soon as George’s pulses stopped ticking. All these incidents happened on a warm &
sunny day in Minneapolis, USA. The policemen were audacious enough to make such a
scene in a bright spring morning. George’s death stoked up major protests in
Minneapolis & spark raged across the country.

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Protests raging fast in Minneapolis

The inferno of protests…

The protests went so bad that for the first time in the history of the USA, the white house faced a power down. President Donald Trump had to go in the bunker for safety. The whole USA has set out on roads, in demand of justice. The protestors inundated the roads, offices, press avoiding the pandemic. Or maybe this racial virus has defeated the Coronavirus on the grounds of inhumanity & injustice.
A protestor in New York said to The New York Times that,

“I’m actually from Mississippi. So, it’s a lot of racial injustice for me. I’ve
been discriminated against my entire life. So, like I’m used to the Trayvon
Martins. I’m used to the Eric Garner. And, I’m tired of it. I’m tired of the
narratives. I’m tired of the hashtags. How many hashtags will we have? We
just wanna live now. I’m tired of being tired”

Where do we stand?

I often term this era as “The sarcastic civilization.” We indeed are the farcical beings.
When a microbe is obliterating the whole civilization, we still are enthusiastic enough to throw mud at each-others. While it was our time to come together and stand against Corona, the pre-infected souls of ours proved to be more contagious than the virus. When God created us so beautifully within ourselves, who are we to grade it into black and white? It’s our crippled mentality, not our instinct that labels us. This sums up, our hatred towards each other on the grounds of racism are acquired not innate. Day by day we ourselves are creating this ocean of disharmony between us.

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It’s the time when we all have to let the paean to resonate “Black Lives Matter”. We
have to live beyond the hashtags. Stand hands in hands (finally) to protest our inner
demons. To break the shackles of racial discriminations we created. We need to raise
voice not only against racism but also against any social confinement. As the African-American writer, Zora Neale Hurston voiced,

“If you are silent about your pain,
They will kill you & say
you enjoyed it”

Raise your voice against racism. Raise against social discriminations. Keeping hands in
hands, let’s say together, “Human lives matter and this identity is greater”

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