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Her name was Anupama. Nick name was Anu. She was a student of honors under Calcutta university. Her age was approximately 21. From the core of her heart she is not a girl, she thought she is a boy. Many times, she shared her feelings with her parents, friends but no one can understand her feelings. She liked to be dressed like boys, didn’t like long hairs, jewellery etc. Her classmates poked her always. She was too much depressed. She didn’t get her freedom freely. Many collegemates sexually harassed her from 1 year. One day her tolerance crossed all boundaries, she came to a doctor for transgender purpose, there she met with a boy, named sayantan who had a same problem with vice versa problem. they exchanged their phone no. and they made themselves as soulmates. They two then decided that transgender will be their next step. They told everything to their parents but they didn’t understand them. At last they decided to separate from their home and stay as live together. Then they started struggle against society for their freedom. Then from the very next day they started their hormonal treatment and completed their process of transgender. Anupama reveals herself as Anupam and Sayantan reveals himself as Sayantani. Then they got married and fought against our society and won. Their parents then understood them and they got their freedom at last. They are really an inspiration of our society. Hats off to them.

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