You think you have won after this long war. The war was never outside.It was always more of a internal war .we have been imprisoned by our thoughts. People are really more affected by themselves than anything else in the world. Our judgement manifests the expression.sometimes thoughts, are positive enough to make you reach Everest. Some negative thoughts can send you to the darkest pit of earth. How are we getting tempted? How even we get anger? It’s all part of our adaptations of energy and thoughts. The root of of our expressions are our thought patterns.

We all have wounds, fear of unknown. Yet we thrive each day hoping tomorrow will be closer to our expectations. What are we expecting ? Better future, Peace,happiness, end of misery, great family or a well to do career and job options. Are we sure ,we are only looking forward to these to get fulfilled. Then why don’t these expectations never stops after achieving each milestones. May be we are bewitched by the word “happiness”. In today’s world the word happiness has became equivalent to a snapshot of what we are expecting. So whenever something deviates from our usual expected patterns we get excited or ” depressed” . So this “happiness” brings the sorrows also. So the word ” happiness ” is a spiders web, the more we seek more you would submerge.
Its better to expect peacefulness than happiness. Because peacefulness doesn’t demand our expectations ,it simply bind us to present and let us enjoy the moment as it is. Having all sorts of thinking going on the back of mind yet the constant need of control our thoughts and emotions are only what needed for achieving peace. So it doesn’t have to deal with fears or misery. It only teaches to control emotions to clear every thoughts ,both positive and negative.
A state of null may bring the chaotic mind in a peaceful order. So free yourself from every boundaries, every happiness as well as Fears. We are slaves of our own mind. Make ourselves free from own tortures of self retrospect . Free ourselves from the insecurities and dependence of desires. Only by that day , we can
celebrate the true independence day. Independence from our desires and accepting ourselves as we are.

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