Far across the oceans, I found a land
Which I could not call my own,
The unknown people,the unknown feeling.
But amongst all this obscurity,I found an old friend of mine.
George was his name.
His eyes were filled with pride, because of the
richness of his country.
He came to me and told me, 'Oh! just look at those buildings.I doubt if any of these castle-like buildings can ever exist in other countries?'
I replied sheerly, ' These stone-built buildings are nothing infront of the White-Marbled monument, the Red-Stoned fort and the Golden-Coloured temple of our motherland.'

I also said, 'It is from our land , where the Indian Mathematical genius invented zero. Without it , none of the inventions would have been successful'.

Of all countries, India is a land
Whose people and religions join together their hands,
It is a land , where her brave children gave up their lives,
It is a land, where the courageous kings and queens fought with swords and knives.
A country like India, we never can find
Because this land is one of a kind

Hearing my words, he had nothing to say
And, he walked far below the lane,
And I stood there , swelling with pride and joy,
Even though I was in an unknown land.
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