She was never home. She was only 19 years old when she got married. Luckily her husband was supportive enough to help her to finish graduation. When she had her daughter, her first child she was only a student of honors 1st year.

She was never home due to her classes. Even at home she had to study for her exams. She didn’t have enough time for her child. Time went like this and finally she graduated with the best results. After her studies she went outside to pursue her dream job.

She started to work a 9-5 job. She had to stay out of the city due to her posting. She could come home for 2 days in a week. Like this she was never home for her growing child. She was never there for her daughter’s first board exam. She never saw how her daughter grew up and turned into a teenage mess. She never had the chance to feed her daughter with her own hands like normal people.

But still she was the best mother her daughter could ever had. She wasn’t home but she was always there when her daughter was falling apart as a teenage girl. She came home running no matter how far she stayed for job whenever her child called her crying. Her arms were always there to comfort her messed up daughter.

She is the super women of her family. She is the super hero of her daughter’s life. She is the first love of her daughter. She is the perfect daughter of her mother and perfect big sister for her younger ones. She is a perfect wife. Most importantly is a perfect human being.

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I love you AMMU. This article is dedicated to you and respect for all the working mothers out there.

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