Journey of our Top 5 Campus Ambassadors

Hasibul Hasan Akash
Cumilla Cadet College
Campus Ambassador Rank : Combined1st

Corona virus has put on a pause to everyone of your’s life. Let alone hanging out with friends, it has become restriction for us to even go out. My days went on scrolling news feed but my father could not afford that luxury. One day while searching I found this event “Father’s Day Special Writing Contest” arranged by Writers Lawn and became very excited that it was on the eve of Father’s Day. I registered myself as a CA for helping other’s of my institution to share their’s emotion and by working hard I achieved best CA award. This is the least that I could do for my father and I dedicate this award to all the fathers.

Md Rifat Akand
Faujdarhat Cadet College
Campus Ambassador Rank : Combined 1st

Firstly I would like to give thanks to Writers Lawn for choosing me as the Campus Ambassador of my institution. I am very glad by working with you.It is my pride that I could have contributed as per my ability. I would like to give thanks all the staffs and all the CA for the co-operation. Without co-operation an event can’t be successful one I guess. So, I also want to work with Writers Lawn in the future days to come..In sha Allah..

Suraiya Tasin
Dhaka University
Campus Ambassador Rank : 3rd

Writers lawn helped me to be brave enough to explore my passions and gave the opportunity to communicate with some fabulous creative minds.Being a campus ambassador was all about convincing the creative minds getting their long awaited common platform, and meet other like minded individuals from diverse backgrounds. By working as Campus Ambassador, I was able to develop my communication and teamwork skills. Performing the responsibilities of a campus ambassador was exciting and a continuous learning process. For me , helping people to open up, was always delightful , and I am so glad to get the opportunity to make people following their passion.

Didar Ul Islam
Mirzapur Cadet College
Campus Ambassador Rank : 4th

I’m Didar-ul-Islam and I firmly believe that youth are like match sticks, with enormous potentiality inside they are the ones who can and did change the world. Starting from Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman to Kazi Nazrul Islam made their inception when they were young.So I want to make the best use of my age and also my hobby in these sectors and regarding passion I believe that we should never let it die because when your passion dies you die not literally but from the inside.I want to go a long way because success is not a destination it’s a journey throughout lifetime and I firmly believe Writers Lawn can be a platform to nourish and flourish my passion and being a campus ambassador can help me apply my leadership quality and devote myself more to writers lawn. Therefore I hope Writers Lawn can be my platform for the voyage of lifetime.

Jamim Raja Mugdho
Southeast University
Campus Ambassador Rank : 5th

I’m Jamim Raja Mugdho. Twenty years of youthful age has taught me to understand that -young people who did not let their age deter them from their commitment to help make a difference. I also believe- youth is a conviction, a source of consciousness, an invincible force of inspiration. Those who change the world with their talents, efforts and deeds are eternal. National Poet Kazi Nazrul Islam & ‘Kishor Kobi’ Sukanta Bhattacharya has composed thousands of songs and poems of rebellion-revolution with them, which are echoes of victory. That’s why I decided to do some for the nation. My question is, when I want to do something for the country, why not now? I believe Campus Ambassador is such a platform that will make me a future worker for the mankind. I would like to make the Campus Ambassador position a symbol of care and responsibility for others through my talent, creativity and effort. I deeply believe that I will get ‘Writers Lawn’ as a contributor to fulfill my dream.

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