Most caring Baba,

I hope that you are fine. Do you remember the father’s day that I had with you in 2014? You have even posted a status in Facebook about that. The last night before that, maybe you were angry with me for some reasons. But the next day, you found my Father’s Day card beneath your pillow and you realized that I had fever the last night for which I couldn’t listen to you. I totally forgot that these happened. Few days before, I suddenly saw this post in your Facebook account. One line caught my eyes, that is, “Is it that she taught me what is love! I love you mom, love you very much.” But do you actually know, that you are the one who gave me feelings, who taught me all the best ideals I have in my life. Baba, do you know that now I can do a lot of works alone? Before, you used to insist me to study during evening. But now, I do it alone. Do you know another thing? Now, I get 90+ in your favorite subject, Math in most of the exams. My academic results are now far better than before. All credit behind my result is yours. But I am not getting the opportunity to thank you. Do you remember that how you used to get me ready for school when I woke up late? Now, I cat get ready in less than 5 minutes.

Whenever I used to eat food with spoon and fork, you always tried to teach me the right way to hold the spoon. Now, I know the way of holding it. Time is now forcing me to follow all your advises that I didn’t or couldn’t follow earlier.

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Baba, was I too bad that you left me? It’s okay you left me as it’s the fate written by Allah, but why were you so good? There are millions of children whose father are causing problem in their proper development for which they hate their father. Many cause familial problems, economical problems or even social problems. If you were like one of those, then your leaving would’ve given me peace. Why were you not like that? Why did you sacrificed your peace, your luxury, your enjoyment-everything for us? Why? Why did you make us so dependent on you? I never learned to miss you. When you were in Cox’s Bazaar for almost one year, I didn’t miss you for a single second. Because I knew that you would come back. But what now? Is leaving me this way one of your techniques to teach me missing you? Whenever Mummy scold me, you were my abode of shelter. To whom will I seek shelter now? Why didn’t you say that the Father’s Day in 2014 was the last Father’s Day with you? If you’ve told me, then I would’ve spent the time in a more special way with you. If you were there, I would’ve never been admitted to Cadet College. That was fine. But now, I lead a completely different life. Do you know that I still wait for you. While staying in Cadet College, every second I think that an attendant from Admin building will come searching for me and say, “You’ve been called to the main office. Someone special have come to meet you. He has been waiting for hours. He said that he is too excited to meet his little daughter. Won’t you come?”. Hearing this, I would’ve rushed with my fullest speed to the office and scream saying, “Baba, I love you very much! Why did you keep me waiting for these long six years?” Then hug you with all the love that I have in my heart. Baba, will you ever make this dream of mine come true?

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I have so much to say you. But everything cannot be written in words. Please come back and give me the best surprise of my life. I want to spend the Parent’s Days of my Cadet College with both of my parents. Please hold my hand again for the one last time.


I believe from my heart that you are in heaven resting in peace with your parents. Have a great day with them!

The daughter who loves you with all her love.

Written By : Mehnaz Galib Haque Anila

Institution : Feni Girls Cadet College

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