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An Open Letter to My Father – Kunal Pal : Editor’s Pick

Dear Father,

I should have written this letter to you long ago. I have not been able to express my feelings with you for seventeen long years. I would begin by thanking you for your steadfast presence, unfathomable love, and sacrifice. Many old memories are flashing on my mind. I still remember that trip to Gangtok. I was about six years old then. You could not join us for the trip since you were busy in the office. Mother took me there along with my maternal uncle and aunt. But I remembered that I was not prepared to go without you. I was always so fond of you. I wailed a lot throughout the trip since I was craving for one glimpse of you. A couple of days passed by and then one morning when I woke up and saw you! I was ecstatic. I later learned from mom that you were busy, but you canceled everything and boarded the next train. You had no reservations and failed to get hold of any seats throughout the night. But you could ignore all these perils since you were just keen to see a smile on my face.

I remember, that you used to be present at every parents’ teachers’ meetings, and annual programs. On the days of the result-declaration, you were always standing outside with my favorite chocolates. You used to offer me those chocolates and then listen to my results. Oh! I wish I could revisit those days.

After coming from your work, you were my constant companion. In the evenings, you used to come home early on most days to take me out to the playground. On most occasions, I got a company to play cricket with. Then you used to be our umpire. And on the days when nobody was there, you always used to play with me. I still vividly remember that incident. You had slipped in the bathroom and your legs were plastered. You could not walk without crutches. At that time, I was compelled to go to the playground all by myself. I used to play with some neighborhood friends. Then one day, I returned home early with a heavy heart. I informed you that I could not find anybody to play. To my utter surprise, you instantly started getting ready. Mother was not allowing you to go. But, still, you accompanied me to the playground. You dropped a crutch and supporting yourself on one, started bowling to me. I was then over the moon with joy. My eyes often get moistened, when I recollect this incident and attempt to fathom the pain you must have endured for playing with me.

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I wish I could give you a tight hug on this father’s day and savor many such precious moments a little longer. But, alas, God has deprived me of the opportunity to sit next to you and read this letter to you.
Happy Father’s Day!

Your son, who feels your absence every day.

Written By : Kunal Pal

Institution : Jadavpur University, India

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