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Behind The Curtain – Sadia Bintay Rouf : 3rd Place Winner

“Father” doesn’t mean only a word,
It would be the strongest sword if it could.

Every letter of this word
Mean a lot to me,
The person is more affluent by heart
Than from outside we see.

His words of inspiration
Lead me towards success,
The lifestyle he owns and lives is-
Like a mesmerizing map to impress.

Childhood forced me
To be unable for a single day without him,
But when I faced so
Feelings took me to a river full to the brim.

Being now his adult daughter
I’ve combined respect with love,
But his love not a point percentage
Have detached from as it was.

Still that day peeps my heart
When I got achivement and praises
But as I was to inform him
My tears crossed the boundary of eyes.

His whispers of love
Will never fade,
And he being the crown of my glory
I would like to be his shade.

None and nothing will be able
To make his width of love compressed,
Just like my father’s presence
Behind the curtain of my success.

Written By : Sadia Bintay Rouf

Institution : Savar Cant Public School and College

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