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Father : The Pillar of Strength – Utso Das Shuvro : 1st Place Winner

Father is not just a person; he is not just the name of a relationship. There is a strange magical expression of greatness involved in the father. As soon as the name of the father is uttered, a feeling of respect, gratitude, and love awakens in the heart of any child of any age. Father’s shoulder is wider than everyone else? If not, how can the father carry so much responsibility in the society and world? Do his legs move much faster than everyone else’s? Otherwise, how can there be such a long way in such a short time and keep everything so tight? And the father’s shadow …?

That is bigger than the shade of the banyan tree. If it does not grow up, then how can the father’s eyes take care of the child from the heat of life? Does that also see any distance beyond the imagination? Otherwise, the father is worried about the future of the child. Honestly, none of us ever think that way about him. Only our father who has become extraordinary in the midst of hundreds of ordinary people falls in love with us with the last drop of his ability. Destroys everything he has just for his child. Whatever he has, he doesn’t keep it for himself in any way. He doesn’t seem to be destitute in any way even after destroying everything. It seems that he has become more full of absolute contentment. On the contrary, the father, who is trying to raise his child with love and hard work, also complained to the great Creator for the welfare of his child. And that father’s call may make Him proud too.

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Remember, no matter how big the child is, no matter how big their pride and neglect is, the father’s affection is always an absolute refuge for them. In the joy of survival, in the intensity of suffering, in difficult problems, the father becomes the most reliable friend or helper. On the other hand, as a child, you have to think about the father. We need to pay more attention to his emotional feelings and the demands of adulthood. If the father can be taken as a companion, the risk of stumbling on the difficult path of life is reduced. Again, those who have completed their studies and entered a career and started earning should also think about their father in time. No matter how much the busyness of the office and the level of trouble goes beyond the limits when you return home, you have to sit next to him for a few minutes with a basket of stories.
There is no need for a special day to express love for the father. It is not possible to confine respect and love to the father in a confined circle. Every day of the year there is an endless stream of love for the father. At one point in life, the father will become tired, and he will be overwhelmed by old age. At this time the father wants the child to be by his side. As always, he was by the side of the child in all his needs when the child was in infancy. The father’s heart is broken when he is neglected or abused by his child.

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There are many children who do not pay much attention to their parents. Mother’s Day or Father’s Day opens the curtain in front of their eyes and reminds them of their responsibility towards their parents. In this case, Father’s Day is very important to strengthen the family bond. The main purpose of celebrating Father’s Day is to highlight the importance of fatherhood in our family life and society.

Those whose fathers are near or far will be happy if they are given special honor on the eve of Father’s Day. And those who do not have a father, those who have already left this world, remember with reverence, pray for the peace of their souls, especially to the Creator. Everyone must accept that the contribution and importance of a father in human life is immeasurable. So, on this Father’s Day, we remember our father with the utmost respect and love and put him above all else. We should pay special attention to our behavior so that it does not hurt his mind in any way

Written By : Utso Das Shuvro

Institution : Port City International University

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