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FATHER:A word or a cluster of words?-Mir Talha Ridwan : 5th Place Winner

In this world of ours we all need a very person to see the light of the world. We all know that person as our father. Father mustn’t be always the one who is genetically father but the person who plays all the roles of a father can be truly a father .But have we ever thought about the word father? Is it only a word? Or is there something more?

Yes, there is something more. Because the word FATHER has more words hidden in it. If we break it, we’ll get to know those. We will get ‘Faithful’ for F, ‘Ambitious’ for A, ‘Tranquil’ for T, ‘Honest’ for H, ‘Enthusiastic’ for E, ‘Responsible’ for R.
Father is faithful because his children can trust him without any doubt. A father will never expose anything or break the trust of his children because he is the one who wants the welfare of them. For any support, we can trust him. Everyone may break our trust but this person will never.

Father is ambitious. But this ambition is not for money, not for luxury but for only the success of his son/daughter. He always expects and prays so that his offspring may reach the zenith of success. That’s the only reason he is ready to sacrifice all his luxury, all his comfort.

Father is tranquil. Now question may arise that how father is tranquil. Yes, he is. Because he is the only place where there remains no war, no envy, and no clash against his children. The whole world may not be able to give us peace. But father’ heart will be the only place for that.

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Father is honest to his son. A father can never be dishonest to his offspring because their welfare is all he wants. Even a thief can’t be dishonest to his son/daughter

Father is enthusiastic for all welfare activities for his son/daughter. He never compromises the success of them. Leaving behind them is not what he does.

Father is responsible. He takes all the responsibilities of his offspring. He never gives away his duty of establishing them a good human. Whether son does any wrong or anything right, he always takes the responsibility. Because this duty is given to him by none but the Almighty.

There may be many heroes in our life as an idol. But the true hero in everyone’s life is father. We may not always see what he is doing for us. But behind our success this hero plays the important role. He is always ready to sacrifice his welfare for his son/daughter. Because that’s the spiritual peace he gets by their success. The inner peace which is a rarer than most other things in the world

Written By : Mir Talha Ridwan

Institution : Mirzapur Cadet College

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