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My First Love – Suraiya Tasin : 3rd Place Winner

To my first love,

To be honest, I can’t remember a time when you weren’t there for me; not only as a father, but as a best friend. As a child, you were my favorite playmate. I know now that your favorite movie was never really “Cinderella,” and that you would have much rather been watching the game than playing with Barbies.

From teaching me how to walk or throw a ball, you’ve showed me ways to stand on my own two feet. When the time came for me to start school, you added another title to your never-ending duties. With every math question I had, you also got the job as my personal tutor. You also were the one who taught me about sports, books and life lessons in between. I guess you can say you’ve never stopped teaching me.

Even though I snapped at you when you suggested I wear less makeup, I knew it was because you saw my true beauty. I know I was a handful at times. I also acknowledge there’s still a long future of me screwing up and running to you for help. Even though we don’t always understand each other, you’re one of the biggest influences in my life. A father is the one who guides his daughter through life.

Whether it was a school play, sporting event, graduation or any defining moment in my life, you’ve always been one of my biggest fans. Wherever I end up, I hope I make you proud. Every little girl grows up looking up to her dad, but I’ve never stopped. I know there’s no such thing as a perfect dad, but you come pretty close.


I’m sorry for any grey hairs I’ve caused you in the past. I hope one day I can show you how important you are to me.

Daddy’s Girl

Written By : Suraiya Tasin

Institution : University of Dhaka

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