He had then a beautiful smile
A young face, with no beard.
His hairs were curly back then
And there was no pucker on his forehead.
His eyes had gleam of deviltry,
But he smelt the same.

His feet had then cracks, much less though
Yet his socks were just like his shoes
He had a tummy shaped and even,
The shirts he had were brand new.

I was then at the size of a doll
And fluffy enough to be adored
My fist could grab his pinky
It could expel his breath away.

He used to blow on my belly
That could make me laugh like a goof
And he knew I don’t like being smelly
So had his shower running soon.

And there was one night
He couldn’t come home
I was annoyed, may be angry with him too
And I was worried.

I cried cause I had to
Thought my sound could be able to reach at him
I grew louder with all that might my tiny voice had
Back then we had no phone.

I didn’t stop and it already made all awake
And it was strong enough to bring them there
My ma was weary by then
With my looped phrase.

Written By : Sadman Ishraq Sayef

Institution : Pabna Cadet College

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