Maybe my knowledge about you is lower,
Still I am waiting for you with lots of flower.
In birthday of yours, I wait with a card in my hand
Although I know it’ll never reach you till I’m on this land.
I don’t know how it would feel to meet you after long long years…
Will the day be full of happiness or a lot of tears ?
All will cry on my last day on this earth
But I’ll be happy to receive the feeling I missed since my birth.
That day my happiness will have no end.
At that time you will become my true friend ?
How you would have gossiped and played with me
I still don’t know as I could see .
How you would’ve taken me to school
Will always remain a question due to the earth’s rule.
How I would’ve grown under your command?
Maybe is the best daughter in this land .
From your teachings I could learn.
Together on every festival we could’ve lots of fun.
If I ever cried and in every failure of mine
You would’ve consoled saying,”Everything would be fine.”
How you would have reacted on every of my achievement
Maybe you would’ve screamed out of excitement
Saying, “I’m proud of you,my daughter.”
That time, what others said I wouldn’t bother.
Just like you I don’t have any birthmark
I don’t know how it feels when your father takes you to the park.
I can’t elucidate my feelings in this few words.
They are just a portion of my love’s hoards.
As beautiful as the flight of the dove,
This one is my unlamented love.
Maybe none knows but it’s true
Everyday I wish to say,”Daddy, I miss you.”

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Written By : Ifsat Jerin Apsara Mugdha

Institution : Joypurhat Girls Cadet College

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