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Running over by the sofa placed in lounge; straight to the door and unlocking it, walking down the small staircase crossing the porch covered with ever green grass, all the way to a red mail box.

Alan was going through all the mails she received in morning. The mail for which she has been waiting since early summers; is it been there now?

Alan’s heart was bumping rapidly and her hands shivering.

“So… when you are leaving for the publication ceremony?” Ms. Katherine while setting the table for breakfast in the porch asked Alan.

She was a good teacher to Alan. While her higher studies in Yale University, Alan used to live with her.

“I can never overcome my failures.” Alan lost her control and begins to sob.

She has checked the mails for over multiple times for that one mail from the Publication Certification of New York Times. Ms. Katherine was astonished at her words yet she took Alan to the breakfast.

Alan was disappointed and so desperately unhappy; all it takes her six summers to write a book.

Alan was an undergraduate in Paleontology, but her keen interest in Science and Culture hearten her to travel around different cities of Australia, India, Asia, America, and to a lot more.

After witnessing the general trends from countries to countries and understanding all those cultures, she came out with an idea to write a book named; “Role of Deviating Cultures and parenting in Youth Development.”

Ms. Katherine seated next to Alan gently placed her hand on Alan’s lap.

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“How much do you believe in yourself?” She asked.

“No more believe! No good can come to me.” Ms. Katherine can feel the ecstasy of pain in Alan’s voice.

“I became an orphan when I don’t even knew my name. I had to work for myself from the age when girls like me; dreams to be a fairy or princess in their lives.”

Alan put her face in her hands to hide the despair it would show.

“Things were not easy for me. Every time I had to go through a new challenge to achieve some good in my life. All my life is a game of struggles, sacrifices, and everlasting pain.”

Ms. Katherine stretched her hands to Alan’s face and gently holds Alan’s hands back to her lap. “Your life was never meant to be a struggle.” Ms. Katherine raised her voice so that she might grab Alan’s attention.

“The age when girls like you Alan are supposed to day dream their life out of fantasy, magic and miracles… My dear you have worked for your dreams.”

Ms. Katherine created an argument to back up her claims.

“You learned those magic tricks earlier than those girls; to make your life a fantasy. You learned to make your dreams come true by hardworking. The good has come to you earlier; when you started to believe yourself that nothing in this world could stop you to fly, not even your fate of being an orphan. But except one thing,”

She pauses. “And that is your Inner Believe.”

Alan struggled to lift her head and stared at Ms. Katherine who was putting a cup over a plate pouring hot tea into it. Adding sugar to the tea, Ms.Katherine took a sip of it and carefully set the cup back on the table.


“Remember the time you decided to explore various cultures of Australia to your first visit. What a day it was!” Alan smiles gently remembering those times… “You were so auspicious that day.”

“All assets you have then is your believe. At that point in time, you believed that you will manage to acquaint with the people of these cultures. With your strong believe you managed to suffer the irksome circumstances. ‘Believe’ change ‘Become’; and an idea of writing a book come about your mind.”

Initially, Alan’s musing interrupted her thoughts but now she was completely focused over their conversation.

Alan was still uncertain; if Ms. Katherine was trying to console her, but that was not the case. Ms. Katherine was not giving Alan any false hopes; yet she is demanding her to ponder over some other means or to practice a new strategy.

“It is a test to probe your passion for your goals and also about, how much you believe yourself NOW?”

Ms. Katherine continued, “Don’t believe that challenges make you weak. Each challenge turns out to a new opportunity. You didn’t get a publication notification from the best sellers of New York Times, but I am sure you would like to avail an opportunity from Oxford Press London of publication for your book.”

Alan felt perplexed and gazed at Ms. Katherine in surprise. Ms. Katherine picked up another stack of letters and read the first name: Oxford Press, London.

Later in the evening, Alan was lying on her soft comfy couch; she was mesmerized by the whole scenario and couldn’t take her eyes off from the letter she received in morning.

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Alan then realized that how; before checking the mails she was so desperate for the publication certification and later; so hopeless and distressed that her conscious was unable to suspect for something different in her life.

“There are rules to luck, not everything is chance.
To the wise; Luck can be helped by skill.”

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