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Acknowledgement of social facts is a mere poison to our health. Addressing the very causal or actually unfavorably causal stereotypes; let’s delve into the ground realities of societal pragmatic agendas.

I Have Finally Understood The Big Secret Behind These Facts. It’s No Rocket Science But You Will Still Be Amazed To Know How Exactly Society Manages To Exploit.

The social establishment “of perfection” discerns the criteria of contentment and optimism; women who owns an extortionate stature in a society, must carry all; in a circle of this social establishment of perfection.

The Chief controller of societal norms says:
“To be Extraordinary is; the Ravishing Beauty to the Extraordinary Life.”

Whilst, the number left over (of men or women) accordingly; as a matter of course, are out of this superficial establishment.

One of the severe syndromes of this establishment is the society exploits women with cruelty by virtue of their different body shapes and sizes.

A fact when considering a Science project; we use multiple card sheets of different sizes.

The smallest ones (3.5 x 5 cm) supplied to accessorize the focal parts of a project. Likewise, the ladies with zero figures and smart bodies can be seen on the front line, in any official meeting or over a ramp in a fashion show.

While on the contrary, the largest card sheets (9.9 x 21 cm) are used at the rear ends; acting as a wall or a ceiling of the project. In the same manner, those big round bodies are tumbled behind the curtain to do their job over the desk.

The society supplements “social establishment of perfection” with such women in a similar fashion in every project of life.

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This social establishment will not work productively until the canvas of society must be established on comprehensive colors rather than on an exclusive color of different shades.

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