Once Anaximander the great philosopher discerns about dialectics saying that, in universe occurs, a war between opposite forces called as “war of opposites”.

In oppose to each force or energy, there exists its opposite form.

Concern to the energy of hatred, there comes a positive and robust feeling of love.

This dialect between the hate and love create a balance in life and maintained the laws of the universe. Where there is evil for good, there is joy for sorrow.

Emotions are inborn whereas; expectations are the creation of expressions.

When someone does not express the way we expect it or feel it emotionally; it creates a sense of disappointment or regret.

Hatred never comes all of a sudden! It’s a process of change.

Urging one to cut off their expectations and making them rebellious should not be done.

A continuous quantum of nasty actions created a negative force of reaction in a person; to hate someone.

And so love fades away reasonably.

“One can only bear fire till the heart burns to ashes!”

What’s your Reaction?

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