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HOUSE WIFE Episode 1

Hot Ray’s of sun in the month of December are enough to recharge our body from chilling winters. Sia sitting in the garden enjoying cup of a coffee with flow of thoughts in her mind. Sweet smile on her face shows as if she is peeping into the pool of her memories. 10 years of her life have been passed.
10 years ago
“Sia get ready, you are getting late they will be here anytime”, said her mother. Her mother is busy in making in making arrangements of food and other things. Today her house is looking different from normal days. Her mother had decorated the house with flowers and new crockery had been laid on dining table. Her younger sister Aarti is helping her in getting ready. Today is special day for Sia and she is looking very beautiful in her yellow churidaar suit. “I am very nervous Aarti, what will happen”, said Sia. ”No need to get nervous Sia,everythings going to be fine” said Aarti. Today is the day from which onwards her life is going to change. Another moment bell rang and heartbeat of Sia started beating faster and faster.
Sia’s eyes are focused at the door and she is very nervous. Small droplets of sweat are shining like a pearl on her face making her more beautiful and attractive. Handsome man 6 feet tall, fair skin , in black suit enters the house and looking nervous. His eyes are searching someone, someone very special or going to be special in his life. There’s smile on everyone’s face. “Welcome Rishab beta, welcome to our house, please have a seat” ,said her father. Rishab and his family are here to find the better half for him. Rishab is very keen to meet Sia because his mother’s friend Shanta aunty who lives next door to Sia’s house had praised Sia a lot. And Rishab thinks may be Sia is the girl who is perfect for him. Sia enters the room with tray of tea in her hand. Sia and Rishab saw each other and their eyes locked with each other. Their eyes were talking to each other and both of there heartbeat beating fast. “Come Sia sit next to me”, said Rishab’s mother,” she is very beautiful. Everyone started taking to each other. But Rishab’s eyes were glued on Sia and Sia’s eyes were on Rishab. Both of them were in some other world. “Common let leave them alone, let them talk”, Shanta aunty said. ”Sia you and Rishab can go you to the garden and talk as much you want”, said Shanta aunty. Everyone started laughing…….
To be continue…..

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