Next morning Sia and Rishab were sitting in there garden and having their morning tea. “ Yesterday this garden was full of liveliness and today there is silence all around”, said Rishab. “Yes everyone enjoyed the party very much and food was also very good”, said Sia excitedly. “Mummy-Papa ,Mummy-papa”, yelled Ananya and Mananya excitedly and came running towards their parents and hugged their parents. All of them started talking about the party. There was a smile on Sia’s face. Rishab noticed Sia and asked her , “by the way why are you smiling . “ Nothing, special”, said Sia maintaining smile on her face. “ Don’t lie kuch toh chal raha hai tumhare dimag me”, said Rishab. “ Yes I was thinking about what you did in party” said Sia with little smile on her face. “ What to think about that, I meant each and every single word I said” , Rishab’s eyes were twinkling. “Sachi” ,said Sia “Muchi” ,replied Rishab. And they both started laughing. “ I am so lucky to have a husband like you, I can’t even think my life without you . You were always there with me in my bad and difficult times. Thank you for being with me as my support and believing in me. Yesterday you said that you are nobody without me but the fact is I am nobody without you, thank you for completing me”, said Sia and tears rolled down from her eyes making ways through cheeks. Rishab’s words were ringing in her heart and mind , again and again her heart was reminiscing what happened yesterday.

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“Thanks to all my guest for making this special day an auspicious day for us. Your presence in this party means a lot to both of us because today is the day when we are completing 10 years of our marriage and certainly it would not be possible without the blessings and love of our relatives and friends. Sia my soulmate, my love you are the one who makes me complete without you I am nobody. Thanks for accepting me and becoming part of my life. Aaj bhi muje woh din yaad hai when I saw you first. Sharmai hui si dari hui si ladki aaj bhi yaad hai muje and Ofcourse mein bhi bahut nervous tha us din. But when I talked to you I was very much sure that you are the one whom I will marry. Friends before meeting Sia I never believed in love at first sight but yes it happened with me love at first sight. Although our marriage was arranged marriage but I was fallen in your love the moment I saw you . You sacrificed your likings you forgot yourself in order to raise my family. I still remember the day when once I asked you what do you like to do most ,after thinking a lot you answered me that yaad nahi hai Kya acha lagta hai ….. That day I realized how much you have forgotten yourself. I wanted to do a lot for you but SORRY I was so busy in the work that I never bothered for you, but you never objected. I also never bothered my family because I knew you were there for them. Please Sia always be mine for the whole of your life. THANK YOU SIA, THANK YOU VERY MUCH. MY LOVE FOR YOU IS INTERNAL AND FOREVER.

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