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HOUSE WIFE Episode 2

Rishab and Sia were in the garden and Rishab broke the silence” you are very pretty”.Sia turned red and there was smile on her face. Slowly they both were becoming comfortable with each other, seems like there hearts were beating for each other. January 14 had been decided exactly 2 months after for their marriage. Days were passing both the families are busy in making marriage arrangements. Sia and Rishab were trying to understand each other, so they can have healthy relationships after marriage. Being a girl Sia’s life is going to change completely, she is going to enter into new family, leaving her parents and sister behind. She is happy for her new life but nervous too. There were lot of questions in her mind, “will be I able to make up with Rishab and his family ,Aarti”. “Ofcourse didi,you are so kind hearted, understandable and loving”, said Aarti. “But still there are lot of things I need to explore about Rishab”.Finally the day has come every one was waiting for January 14
Present day
Sia was lost in her thought when sweet voice interrupted her and little hands tightened their grip in her hand. “Mummy, mummy I am feeling hungry”. Mananya, Sia’s younger daughter, 5 year old is always around her mother. Ananya is complete resemblance of her mother.“Ok Mananya let’s have something”, said Sia and they both walked inside the house. “Anaya would you like to eat something “,asked Sia to her 10 year old elder daughter. “ No mom “,she replied. “Mom when will papa return from Delhi “,asked Ananya. Tomorrow morning”, replied Sia. No matter her life was running fast in present and she was very much busy with her daughters. But her thoughts were finding their way to get back into the memories of her past when she discovered for first time that she was expecting a baby. But these memories bought tears into the eyes of Sia.
To be continued……

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