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HOUSE WIFE Episode 3

10 years ago
Just one month had passed since they got married. They both were very happy with each other, trying to spend more time together so they can understand each other in better way. Till now Sia had understood that Rishab was a workaholic and loves his profession very much. Sia was very proud of her husband that he is renowned lawyer. Till now she also got to know that her in-laws were very orthodox and some times this used to worry her. One day Rishab came early from office to give surprise to Sia, but he himself got surprised when he saw Sia performing classical dance in their room. His eyes glued on Sia, watching her perfect moves of dance. He never knew about the hidden talent of his wife. When she finished her dance, the room echoed withe sound of claps .”Sia you are wonderful dancer, and you never showed me this side of yours”, said Rishab excitedly. After listening to compliment Sia turned red and felt shy. “Rishab I want to take dance classes.” “Sia mom and dad will not allow you to take dance classes, you know how it is”, said Rishab. She got sad. But Rishab assured her that he will try to convince them. He tried to convince them but he failed and she got disheartened. But she never shared this feelings with her husband. With day or two her sadness changed into happiness when she came to know that someone very special is going to enter in her life soon.
“Pehla bacha to ladka hi hona chahiye”, “bahu hume to potta hi chahiye”, “Rishab ka to beta hi hoga”(first child should be boy, Rishab’s first child should be boy). Sia woke up suddenly from her sleep and she screamed ,she was sweating very badly and started weeping as she had saw some bad dream . These were the words of her mother-in-law which used to haunt her everyday. Rishab also woke up when he heard Sia crying. Three months had pass since they got to know about the good news that Sia was expecting. “What happened Sia why are you crying and shivering badly”, Rishab asked shockingly. She hugged him tightly and kept on sobbing. “What happened Sia ,please tell me”, now he was worried about his wife. Sia thought for a while that whether she should share her feelings with Rishab or not. How he will react? After all they were his parents .Will he be able to listen against his parents? Will he be able to understand that how she was feeling and going through trauma. “Sia speak up something”, said Rishab. Nothing, I just saw a bad dream”, said Sia hesitatingly, after this Rishab hugged her tightly and they both went back to sleep. Next morning Sia remained confused that what should she do, every time her mother-in-law starts talking about same topic in the absence of Rishab. Whole day she spent in confusion whether to tell Rishab or not.
To be continue…..

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