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HOUSE WIFE Episode 4

There was silence in their room, Sia was tensed and trying to read Rishab’s mind. Rishab was quite ,trying to analyze the situation. It had been two hours when Rishab came back from office and this time Sia opened her heart in front of him. And he listened her very patiently and after that room filled with silence. “ Rishab please speak up something”, Sia said nervously. She was very scared that how will Rishab react ? After some time Rishab broke his silence and he hold her hands tightly into his hands. “Sia I know my parents are old minded people but I cannot change their thinking but the only thing I can assure you is that I am always with you”, said Rishab. Sia was listening to her husband quietly.” It doesn’t matters to me whether our child is a girl or a boy, what matters to me is that I love you. But at same time I cannot say anything to my parents. The only thing we can do is to ignore them”, saying this Rishab hugged Sia tightly . Sia was happy that her husband was with her but at same time she was scared that it would be very difficult for her to ignore pinching comments of her mother-in-law. Once more Sia suppressed her feelings and decided to live with it.
“How are you Sia and how are you feeling?”, a voice came from other side of mobile .”Everything’s fine, Rishab “, said Sia. Six months had passed of her pregnancy. “How’s your training going on”, asked Sia. “Ok, but I am missing you very much and still one more month to go”, said Rishab.” Rishab had gone for training for two months. It was very difficult for Sia to spend these two months without Rishab. After some time they hang up their phones. Sia was very upset because she wanted to tell her husband about his mother’s behavior but she didn’t. She wanted to tell that she is tired of listening pinching comments of his mother, but she didn’t. She wanted to tell how’s she going through mental turmoil, but she didn’t. She wanted to tell that this was effecting her and their baby, but she didn’t. She wanted to tell that due to all this stress her blood pressure remains high ,but she didn’t. She wanted to tell each and everything to Rishab, but she didn’t. Because she knows that if she shares her feeling with Rishab He will get upset because he wanted to be good boy of his parents and cannot say anything to them. But one thing she knows that he loves her very much and this gives her strength.
To be continued…..

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