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HOUSE WIFE Episode 5

Unhappiness was clearly visible on Rishab’s parents face because their dream was shattered when nurse announced that they had been blessed with the baby girl. Two hours before there was panic in the family because Sia’s labor pain had been started in the first week of eighth month . And she had been admitted to the hospital. But by the God’s grace everything was fine. Sia and Rishab were very happy with the entry of new member in their family.
“Mom why are you crying, is everything OK?” Ananya asked worriedly. Yes I am fine darling come on let’s study”, said Sia. “Mom I am very excited for your anniversary party only five days are left”, said Ananya excitedly. “Mom we want new dresses for the party, please, please”, said both the daughters. I have some surprise for both of you, come on close your eyes “,said Sia eagerly . She showed them new dresses, both of them were very happy. And seeing her daughters happy her heart felt overjoyed. When her daughters were busy in celebrating their happiness . Sia’s heart was ready to take a walk down memory lane.
8 Years ago
Little tender feet roaming here and there in the garden and jingling sounds of anklets tinkles the heart. Sia’s eyes focused on her two year old daughter. “Ananya come to mama”, said Sia eagerly. Little feet finding there way through lashes of green grass. When she reached towards her mother she held her tight and Sia too embraced her. Sia was enjoying her motherhood . As her little daughter was growing, Sia was also growing as mother. New experiences were adding up in her life. She was enjoying every moment of her life with Rishab and her little angel. Slowly and steadily she was also taking over the responsibilities of her house. Rishab was very proud of his wife that how she’s able to manage balance in her life? But there was one thing that always worried her. The orthodox nature of her in-laws never changed. There greed of grandson never came to an end. But sweet smile on Anaya’s face make her forget all her worries. She was thankful to the god that she was blessed with such a lovely daughter. And she was proud to be mother.
To be continued……

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