Present day
Sia was busy in making arrangements of her anniversary party. They were hosting this party at their home, so lots of things has to be managed properly. This is not only the celebration of their anniversary . “Congratulations Rishab, on your success, yaar finally you made it, advocate ban hi gaya”, a voice from other side of mobile said.” Thanks yaar, party me aa raha hai na ,bhabhi ko Laker aana(You are coming to the party ,bring your wife along with you)”, said Rishab excitedly.” They were also celebrating the success of Rishab’s achievement. Everyone was happy in the family.
6 Years ago
Once again Rishab’s parents got chance to get greedy and fulfil there dreams. Dream of becoming grandparents of a grandson. They were very happy that Sia was pregnant. Sia was also happy but she was also worried that she had to go through pain that she suffered last time. It was very difficult to deal with the pinching comments of her mother-in-law. Last time she had to face pre-mature delivery and this effected the health of Ananya. Due to pre-mature delivery Ananya had to face many medical problems till date. And this time Sia doesn’t want that her child should face any such kind of problem.
“Mummy please utho(Mom please get up)”,four and a half years old Ananya said worriedly. “Dadi mummy gir gayi hai , kahan ho app(Grandmother mom has fallen down, where are you)”, cried Ananya. Her grandparents were not at home, she was searching them everywhere in the house. She got scared because her mother got fainted and there was no one in the house. Sia was third month pregnant by now. Suddenly an idea clicked to Anaya’s mind and she called her father from Sia’s mobile. Rishab heard sobbing from other side of mobile, he recognized the voice of her daughter and got worried. “What happened Ananya why are you crying? ”asked Rishab tensely. “Papa mummy gir gayi hai or dadi dadu bhi ghar par nahi hai, app jaldi se ghar aa jao(Father mom has fallen down there is no one in the house please come soon) “, said Ananya. Rishab got worried and immediately went back to home . He took Sia to the hospital. According to doctor Sia was suffering from hypertension which lowered her blood pressure and she fainted . When Sia recovered Rishab asked her about the reason of her tension. Rishab hold Sia’s trembling hand’s into his hands and he asked her very calmly “what happened Sia, kis baat ki tension hai, please let me know”. Sia was quite, but her eyes were saying each and everything. Rishab understood what her heart wants to say.
To be continued…..

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