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HOUSE WIFE Episode 7

Everyone was sitting in the drawing room and the room was filled with the silence. Rishab was very much annoyed with his parents. This time he had decided that he had to take stand for the betterment of Sia and his child. Last time he ignored the behavior of his parents and for that Sia and Ananya had to suffer a lot. This time he had to take stand for his family. Sia was very much surprised, but happy to see this side of her husband. She always knew that Rishab loved her very much but she was never sure that Rishab will go against her parents to support her. She was looking compassionately towards her husband when he was talking to his parents . And the respect for her husband increased many folds in her eyes. “Mom-Dad I respect you a lot ,but you have to understand that duniya badal rahi hai , koi Farak nahi parta ki ladka hai ya ladki, aapko apni soch badalni hogi ( World is changing It doesn’t matters whether its boy or girl, you need to change your thinking)”, said Rishab submissively.. Rishab’s parents were shocked to see his such behaviour because they were never use to it. Their son had never gone against their wish ,this was first time he was speaking to them like this. “Ab to tu joru ka gulam ban gaya hai, tuje hamari soch kyu achi lagegi (You have become you wife’s slave ,now why would you listen to us)” , said his father. “Agar ladka na hua to humara vansh aage kaise badega(If you will not give birth to boy then how are family will grow)”, said his mother. It was very difficult for him to argue with his parents because they were not ready to change their thinking. But this time Rishab made his parents clear that if they keep on taunting Sia on this matter he would take some firm step. Rishab gave surprise to Sia and Ananya by taking them for a vacation on a hill station. Sia was six month pregnant and doctors had advised them not to travel after seventh month. So Rishab planned this specially for Sia . Lot had changed between Sia and Rishab after that incident. There relationship and bonding had grown stronger than before. Sia had started respecting her husband even more. The only thing that haven’t changed was the nature of her in-laws. Instead they had new sets of complaints from her. “ Is ladki ne humse humara beta hi cheen liya hai, zaroor kala jadoo karwaya hoga (This girl has done black magic on our son)”, these thoughts where bothering her when Rishab hold her hand and took her to an ice cream shop. But in spite all this she was happy with her family and doesn’t want to spoil the moment. So she let these thoughts let go out of her mind with the cool breeze of air. This was the best trip of her life ever since she got married. They hanged around in the market places, restaurants shopping. Ananya was also very happy and she use to share her happiness with her sibling who had not entered the world yet but sleeping in the protected environment of her mother’s womb. “Mummy hamara a baby bahar kab aayega ( When our baby will come to this world)”, Ananya asked excitedly. “Mummy boy hoga ya girl hogi( mummy baby will be boy or girl) ”, Ananya asked. “Pata nahi, yeh to bas God ko pata hota hai( I don’t know only God knows this)”, said Sia lovingly and kissed Ananya.
To be continued …..

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