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HOUSE WIFE Episode 8

Ananya was so happy that her little feet were not getting tired of jumping here n there in the hospital,” meri choti behan aa gayi, meri choti began aa gayi, mai badi didi ban gai, mai badi didi ban gai ( My little sister has come, now I am elder sister) ”. Once again little entered their life, they were blessed with daughter and they both were very happy. After holding her daughter in her hands tears rolled down from Sia’s eyes and she embraced her daughter. Sia was also worried about the reaction of her in-laws but it was taken care of by Rishab.
Present day
“Mummy please tell what are you going to wear for the party”, asked Ananya excitedly. “No dear I won’t tell you it’s a surprise “, said Sia cheerfully. Sia is very busy in making arrangements for the party. Food, drinks, decorations, lights every thing has to be perfect. She herself had designed the party invitation cards which had been already distributed to relatives and friends. For this she has been appreciated a lot by friends, family members and especially by her husband. And Rishab’s appreciation means a lot to her.
Everyone is very happy in the family, today is Sia and Rishab’s the 10th marriage anniversary . All the guests those have to arrive from out of station had arrived. Sia’s parents and her younger sister with her husband and her son had also arrived to Sia’s house. Sia is so happy to see her parents because from last two years she was not able to visit her parents house. After meeting her parents she got so emotional that tears rolled down her eyes . She was so busy in taking care of her family and kids that she never got time to visit her own parents. There is hustle bustle in the house. Decorators are busy in decorating the house and the garden. Cooks are busy in preparing the food. Small colorful decorating lights had beenĺ laid through out in the garden and the walls of bungalow. Beautiful red and black tents are flowing with the cool breeze of air and decoration with white flowers hanging over the tent looking like dew drops ready to fall on lap of green grass. Eating stalls had been laid out at the one end garden, drinks stall had been laid out in the corner of the garden. Angithis had been set because weathgavnis cold. Every thing has to be managed till 7.30 because party is going to start after 8.30pm.
To be continued…

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