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HOUSE WIFE Episode 9

Everyone’s eyes are focused on today’s stunning couple. Sia is looking very beautiful in her black sari and red blouse and curled hair are adding grace to her beauty . Rishab is also looking very handsome in his black suit and red tie. Two little angels are also dress in red and black with innocent smile on their faces walking through the garden, holding hands of there parent. Everyone congratulated and gave there best wishes to the couple. Sia’s hands are full with bouquets of roses, lilies, tulips, rajnigandha and many more. On one corner of the garden two tables are laid which are now full with gifts and bouquets. Waiter’s are roaming here and there holding trays of snacks. Drinks had been Started at one end of corner. Kids are running here and there ,enjoying the environment of the party. Adult are also busy in chit chatting with each other. The music is also being played and kids and family members are busy in trying there moves on running music. Some guests are busy in drinks and some are busy in eating snacks. The party is at full go and everyone is enjoying it. “Please welcome our hot couple of the on the stage”, said DJ excitedly and invited Sia and Rishab on the stage. The environment echoed with sound of claps. They both were on the stage on the stage holding each other tightly and looking intensely to each other. And background was filled with the song “jab koi baat bigad jaaye jab koi mushkil pad jaaye tum dena saath mera ,oh humnavaaz…..”.They both were not just dancing on this song, they were feeling the intensity of the song from their heart.
Sis was busy in attending the guest when suddenly unexpected happened the lights of party venue shut down. There was dark all around and guest started murmuring with each other.” Please koi generator check karo”, Sia said nervously to her servants. She was feeling very nervous about the prevailing situation, she had fear in her heart that what will happen if generators are not working, it will ruin whole party. Dozens of bad thoughts ran through her mind in few second. “ Please God help! Please, please……”, Sia pleaded to God in her thoughts. Sia suddenly roused from her reverie when she heard her name. She turned back and she was astonished by what she saw. All the spot lights were off only small lights were twinkling on bushes and trees and only one spotlight was switched on and the focus of that light was on a handsome man standing on tphe dancing floor holding the mike in his hands and his eyes focused on Sia and with mischievous smile on his face. A chill ran down on her spine and goosebumps rose on her skin. “What is Rishab doing on the stage and why he is calling me there”, she thought in her mind. “Sia, my better half, my darling wife, my soul mate please come on the stage,” said Rishab excitedly. Sia felt shy her face turned red and she started walking towards her husband.
To be continued…..

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