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Mornings in Shimla are always magnificent and serene. Sun peeping out and spreading its rays all around through the mountains is a favorite scene of all the painter to sketch it down on the canvas. Shimla is the city full of life always busy with tourists, students, local crowds. The hustle bustle on the ridge never fails to attract the attention of tourists. The splendid aura of Shimla is always ready to witness the love stories of budding hearts. In the month of April, Colleges are filled with life because there is waves of joy in old students for coming back to the college and fresher’s enter the college with new enthusiasm in their minds and heart.

Like any another fresher Ruhani in her dark blue Jean’s and parrot green kurta 5.4 feet fair skin and long hair flowing down from her shoulders towards her waist on her first day enters the College with glowing eyes and dreams in her heart of achieving the goals of her life. Ruhani always wanted to be a doctor like her father, her role model.

“Papa I have decided that I will go to Shimla Medical college“, said Ruhani excitedly. “Beta ji, you can go to any renowned college in India and abroad, why you want to go to Shimla”, asked his father inquisitively. “Papa I know, mein India se bahar nahi jana chahati,(I don’t want to go abroad)”, said Ruhani.

Ruhani suddenly came back from her reverie when she felt jerk and fell down. When she looked up angrily she saw a hand in front of her eyes offering her help. She hold that hand tightly and tried to get up. “ Hey , dekh kar nahi chal sakte (can’t see while walking)”,said Ruhani angrily .He was about to speak something when someone from back put his hand on his shoulder and pushed him aside. “Sorry, Madame uski koi galti nahi thi ( It was not his mistake) I pushed you by mistake”, a voice intervened.

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“Hi, I am Rahul, naam toh suna hoga(must have heard my name),said Rahul mischievously. “Yeh line sirf Sharukh Khan par sajti hai , her erre gerre par nahi Mr Rahul (These line only suits on Sharukh khan), now if you will please excuse me ,I am getting late, said Ruhani annoyingly. Rahul 5.11 feet tall fair skin with brown eyes is the dream man of all the girls, studies in final year. Every girl has crush on him and wants to be his girlfriend. His cool attitude and good looks are the weaknesses of the girls. He’s always surrounded by his gang. The gang of five boys is all set for the raging of fresher’s. The fresher’s are standing in the queue to get themselves ragged because there is no other choice for them .They all were so frightened that chill was running down their spine ,no one was enough courageous to go against their seniors so they all surrendered themselves to the will of there seniors.

Undoubtedly Ruhani was also part of the queue of prisoners. Slowly and steadily line was moving ahead and their heart was missing best with every step. Everyone’s face was getting pale with the fear and no one knows what’s going to happen next because every prisoner was facing new punishments. Ruhani’s face got pale with fear when she saw leader of the gang “Oh! Know he’s the same guy Rahul , with whom I messed up ,yeh toh pucca badala lega ( surely he will take revenge from me)”, Ruhani murmured to herself. “ Oh! God kya karu (Oh God what should I do)”. When she was busy in her thoughts a girl voice intervened” Mene suna hai ki seniors ke saath panga nahi lena chahiye (I have heard that we should not messed up with our seniors)”. Ruhani turned around and a girl introduced herself “Hi , I am Parul, Fresher “. “ Hi Ruhani”. As there introduction ended ,Ruhani found herself in front of Rahul.

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To be continued…

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