It was half past one in the night when I got in the taxi for the purpose of home after finishing the work of page makeup of the newspaper. That means returning home after one day! It has become a rule to go home at late night because of working on paper. When return earlier any day it seems rather irregular! However, Shaila is accustomed to defend. Otherwise there was danger.

The driver’s house is next to my house.
As a result, he drops me to the office at a certain time every day and pickups home at night. For this reason, Raja’s CNG taxi is the only way to get to and from the office for two years.

Raja’s full name is Raja Mia. Good name- Abul Kalam. However, the name has been suppressed under ‘Raja Mia’. Raja Mia has lived in the city since childhood. Age fifty or fifty-five. However, it would be wrong to guess. There is no way to understand the age of the soul by looking at the fit body.

Raja’s taxi is the property given by the father-in-law. As a price to take the hand of the black girl of Ali Mia, the father-in-law, who is five years older than him. Raja also accepted the offer with a happy face. The proposal was first brought by his childhood friend Monir. Today is a good day for Raja to take Kajal Akhter home as suggested by Monir.

At Raja’s request, he was called ‘Raja’ instead of ‘Raja Mia’. His argument is called ‘Mia’ elder brothers. He says- Sir, you are ashamed of me when you call me Raja Mia.

In the space of two years, I developed a lot of kinship with Raja Mia. As a result, he often shares various subjects with me while driving. I’m with him. Raja studied till the class five. Sometimes it doesn’t seem that his reading and writing race is so low when Raja speaks in such pure Bengali. I respect him in my heart. I was silent when he started talking. I tried to listen. His thinking was very sharp. There is depth to the argument. As a result, I can’t blow up any of his proposals.
-Sir, can I ask you a question? Raja suddenly slowed down. – What question? I said opening the packet of cigarettes. – You’re a journalist. You have studied a long way. Can you tell me one thing? I can’t wait to hear her voice. – Why don’t say the real thing? I said with a little annoyance. The speed of the taxi was further reduced by Raja. Said- Sir, is it a great sin to kill people? Before I knew it, a burning cigarette fell out of my hand. Trying to understand his mood, I asked – what are you talking about?

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I did not understand who was the victim? My voice also became a bit unusual. I tried to keep the surprise as much as possible. Raja said – I want to kill at least one of those who killed Bangabandhu. I’m sweating. Is his head all right? I haven’t heard anything like that in the last two years. I can’t think. Without understanding my condition, I said – did you have any problem, Raja? He replied in no time – Sir, I’m quite okay . Now his voice seems unfamiliar to me.
The voice I had heard from those two years suddenly became unfamiliar. I panicked. Raja says- don’t get me wrong sir. I work hard. I have never done politics in my life. Don’t understand politics. But I understand one thing – Bangabandhu called for war at the risk of his life. At his call the people jumped into battle in groups. Everyone seemed to be running after Hamilton’s flute player that day. I was seven or eight years old then. I did not understand so much. Even if I didn’t understand, I understood that there is a man named ‘Sheikh Saheb’. That man knows magic! His voice has the power of magic. Raja goes on to say. His words changed my mind. I hear. I am a fascinated listener of the fifth class pass taxi driver. The speed of the taxi is smooth. Raja Mia’s voice was bright. At the turn of Anderkilla, Raja started driving to the left. After five minutes he turned right again. This time the speed of the taxi increased. Raja goes on to say. His voice is loud. – Those who killed Bangabandhu are illegitimate children. Those who can kill the father are not bastards? you tell me, sir. I nodded in agreement – of course. The car sped away. The point of my thought is to match the branches. I keep thinking- I am a fan of Raja Mia today. Raja Mia who is a eloquent speaker in the Laldighi field, I am his political activist with literate knowledge of the village. Or I am a sensible student of Raja Mia, a wise professor at University.

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– Sir, don’t get off? Sense returned to Raja’s voice. I have come to the gate of the house. As soon as I got out of the taxi, I realized that it was raining heavily from the cloudless sky. After paying the rent and opening the gate, I hurried up the stairs and thought about Raja’s words.

Without eating dinner, I went to bed with one or two answers to Shaila’s words ‘yes ‘ and ‘no’. I am lying on the side of the bed. I can’t sleep. I am thinking of Raja’s words. Fuzzy pictures are floating in the corner of my mind from his words. There is a beautiful bloody body lying on the rocky floor. There are some more dead bodies in front of that body. Some unfamiliar animals are bragging in the distance. I can’t say when I got out of bed and got up on the verandah. Suddenly I noticed – the gap in the window was melting and a dim light was peeking out. Two shadow statues were seen vaguely in the street. They cannot be seen in the dark. Whispering is going to be heard. The shadows seem to be more than two because of the movement.

Suddenly the sound of a feminine cry of a nosey melody is coming out. Suppressed tears. I glanced at a lamppost. In the dim light it became clear that there were two shadows. Without thinking about them, I kept thinking about the Raja’s words. Suddenly a sharp woman’s voice interrupted her thoughts. The girl is abusing someone with obscene language. A sentence stuck in my ear-
“If you don’t have money, why do you come here, fucker? I will take off your clothes, bastarad. ” I did not try to listen. Ignoring a few shadows at night, Raja’s voice began to ring in his ears – “Those who can kill the father are not bastards, you tell me.”

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In the morning, the next dark darkness of Subhi Sadiq has started descending. I walked towards the bed. There is no sleep in both eyes. A few shadowy figures floating on the eyes, two shadows lying on the ground. Dissonant feminine cries are ringing in my ears. A few words of obscenity. Neuron cells are repeatedly hitting – those who can kill the father are bastards.

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