I was born as a baby who needs to grow up.

I’m the sister who makes others laugh.

I’m the daughter who hasn’t learned to break

The boundary of my principles and rules a lake.

I’m the warrior who has learned to fight

Against all the injustices to make things right.


But today, I don’t know “who am I?”

I can’t recognize myself in the world’s eye.

Maybe I am an insolent one to all now

As I speak out the bitter truth no matter how.

I’m arrogant as I can’t support you

In your mistakes and sometimes crimes in my view.

I’m fortunate since I don’t cry

Although I hide my tears to keep your eyes dry.

In the guise of my Smile;

I make my wounds dug up a mile

So that they can remain there forever,

Never return to make me weak and shiver.

In my anger, I shower my blessings upon you,

This is the expression of my emotions anew.


Today I’m known to myself alone,

Others only reflect the colors I’ve shown.

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