There is a tale I want to tell

All of you lend me your ears and listen very well

This is a tale that ended with a tear

Instead of a happily ever after


I could still remember the flutter I felt

When you stared at me I thought I would melt

Sound Cliché, but for me it’s destiny

Especially when you finally said you want to be with me


Every Seconds, Minutes, is like a fairy tale

But not even a single soul could tell

How I wish what we have won’t fade into darkness

And the two of us became another strangers

But I know in the depth of my heart

That dreadful day will come for its last


So you may see me everyday

Acting like we just meet yesterday

Savoring our every moment like it’s a must

For it feels like this love will end at last

That is why I always remind you

“Don’t let go and make our fairy tale a dead memory”


But suddenly all the butterflies are dead

The two of us are both hanging in a thread

One day I woke up to realize

There is no love anymore

There is no more You and Me

But instead it’s just Me to You

And that is how I concluded

You are still with me because you pitied me


How can I be happy?

When you are frowning beside me?

I love you still, that’s why I pray

But that is not enough to make you stay

But it hurts to see you smile while looking at her

We’re together, you’re with me, yet your soul is with her


It sucks to know that is your way of saying “I’m letting you go so I could be with her”


I came with the most valid excuse in my head

I am so hurt I have to go

But it seems like you didn’t know

I let out a sigh and take a look

I wish I didn’t dare to take the hook

if it meant seeing you staring at her like a hawk


I laid in my cold empty bed

Remembering our odds together

I think you’ll be happy with someone else

Not to someone as boring as me

I receive a messaged

I am taken aback when I read your name

For the last 2 hours I am gone you finally noticed, congratulations!

I read your message and it said “where are you?”

I replied “I’m already at home did you not know?”

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry” is what you said

Of course you wouldn’t know

You are so caught up in her claw


Now all of the things you said are like a mask

When the truth is out it tears apart

It feels like my heart is being pierced by an arrow

With full of agony it reminds me of my sorrow


Now I realized

This is not mine and your story

For mine already started but yours just got started

I am in my fiftieth chapter

And you just finished writing your introduction

I am not one of your main characters

Yet in my tale you are my prince who saved me from the bear


Now I am setting you free

Those cold and sleepless night

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Is nothing’ but a faded past

I want you to know

I have wished through heaven and hell

For you to be happy with her

Don’t worry about me, My darling

For I am “Okay”


I wish the two of you some happiness

You might see some loneliness in my eyes

You might hear the agony of my screams

But today will be a yesterday

And my tomorrow would be me smiling

Looking up the stars that shines

And thank them for letting our path meet

But someday you’ll regret to see me happy

But starting today, enjoy the arms of my BEST-FRIEND.

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Hi! I am Juchelle Mae and I enjoy reading books as well as writing poems, novel, fictions and short stories. I am more of an Angst writer, usually in short stories like one shots. My hobby is depend on my mood it’s either you’ll see me writing or watching movies.

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