It is sometimes tiring to only have darkness
as your own comfort and happiness
In the dark where we can hide
The gloomy secrets that lies

In a windy silent midnight
I met my star like a knight
Under the stars he shines so bright
It feels like the moon is not as bright as his light

It was the same night where I want everything to end
Seems like this loneliness is my friend
But he came and gave light to the dark
With his every touch I can feel the spark

That why I thanked the heavens
For my hope of getting saved is awaken
A star has fallen from the sky
With a bright smile that can make me fly

Right at that moment I knew
I was saved by someone I barely knew
He was my fallen star
In a form of a Mortal

In the same cliff where we met
That is hidden away from the street
Became our secret place
Our paradise that can’t be easily replaced

One midnight you did not come
I sat there alone and thought you are at home
I watch the starry sky alone
Hoping you are there to wash my frown

Five days have passed
And I am still sitting there alone
A lot of stars up in my head
But not so bright, I thought the stars were dead

I went back again hoping you’ll be there
And then I saw you back in here
You said you are sorry for leaving without a word
Seeing you sad is like getting pierced with a sword

But I have noticed something odd
I want to point it out but its rude
I looked at you from the side
And I know there is something that you hide


My star seemed to lost its bright
Seeing my star so miserable is not right
A lot of questions is up my head
One of it, is “why is my star looks so pale?”

It happens again
I’ve waited even under the rain
But not even your shadow can be seen
It seems like your presence is forbidden
Under the stars and the shining moon
Where I sat all alone

You’ve showed up once again
But I have noticed something different
My star seemed to finally lost it color
“My star what are those tears for?”
Amidst the tears cascading from your face
You managed to smile which gave me solace

You held both of my hands
But I can see that this is not part of your plan
“I am sorry my stellar”
“Why are you sorry for my star?”

My heart was broken once again
You will also leave me in vain
After you told me everything
You’re one of them to leave me hanging

My star is dying
He will soon be leaving
Once again I’ll fall into darkness
Where my only comfort is loneliness

“My stellar, I’ve come to my limit
In the heavens we will meet
Never forget my name
For inside me you have ignited a flame
My life won’t be wasted in the abyss
For you have come and gave me bliss
My stellar, I may be gone from this world
But remember my words
I’ll be always with you
I won’t be anywhere near you
But I’ll be star that guides you”


After you said all of those
I looked at you straight in the eye
that’s when I saw your pain
The pain you are trying to restrain

With tears falling from my eyes
I gave you a smile that didn’t lie
If the heaven is our next meet
Then so be it
I can’t bear to see you suffering
Another painful risk I am taking
I am letting you go

That’s the las time I heard your voice
saw you smile
Feel your touch
While we watch the stars

It’s been twenty years since you are gone
But in the cliff I still come
The place that held our memories
As we gaze at the stars and tell stories

I smiled as the stars keeps on shining
For I know you are there also shimmering
Maybe we are not meant to be a lover
But just a friend rather
But I still wish to the heavens
In our next life we will be together.
See you soon
‘My star who went home’

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Hi! I am Juchelle Mae and I enjoy reading books as well as writing poems, novel, fictions and short stories. I am more of an Angst writer, usually in short stories like one shots. My hobby is depend on my mood it’s either you’ll see me writing or watching movies.

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