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Movie Review: Joker


  • Arthur Fleck (Joker)


The movie is a partial adaptation of the DC comic ‘The Killing Joke’ and the 1983 Americal satire ‘The King of Comedy’.

Party clown at the morning and a failed commedian at night, Arthur Fleck (Joaquin Phoenix) tries his best to fit into the corrupted and rotten society of Gothem. Arthur though deeply believes that his soul purpose in life is ‘to make everybody smile’ however the society of Gothem has a different treatment for him. Consequently Arthur looses his job of being a party clown and slowly realises that he was always the subject of his own commedy. Then one night at a lonely subway, things just go crazy for Arthur. Slowly descending into utter madness and terror Arthur tries his best to become a fitting puzzle piece in this venomized, corrupted society but he just won’t fit in.

Creator’s Intent

Joker, the nemesis of Batman and a creation of DC comics. As a result many might expect it to be a superhero film. However, Todd Philips’ Joker additionally serves some different purpose. The movie mainly focuses on the effects psychological and social strife in a persons life and how a society becomes responsible for it’s own utter disorder, evoking fascism. The creator deserves the credit for sucessfully presenting the psychological trauma, the cry for help and sinking into utter madness of an individual alongside the perfect portrayal of a corrupt society and it’s effects.


A successful black comedy, satire and thriller.
Outstanding portrayal of an individual’s psychological struggle. Emphasizing on the societal corruptions and it’s effects on the people.
Proper suspense, thrill and emotion..
Excellent team make up.
Excellent art of acting from Joaquin Phoenix sucessfully presenting Arthur Fleck later Joker, the dillusional, psychologically traumatized villian..
Successful reference to pop-culture, such as Taxi Driver, The King of Comedy, Heath Ledger etc.

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The movie could’ve been a bit more longer following a slower building of the main character.
The cinematography slightly could’ve been better.
Some parts in the story was revealed quite vaguely, which could have been more vivid.


4.5/5 – Superb


The movie is not recommended and appropriate for everyone and to be mentioned above all that it is a dark comedy and a satire. The movie will definitely evoke the interest of the one’s appreciating the psychological stress and mental struggle. Joaquin Phoenix, deserves the massive applaud and credit for his outstanding acting making Joker stand upon one of the best film this year. Finally, the movie leaves us with the realisation of that ‘we all are just one less bad day away from being a lunatic’.

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