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Bachchans inflicted with COVID 19 – National implications

Bollywood’s No. 1 family has been attacked by Corona Virus. Amitabh Bachchan, Abhishek Bachchan and Aishwarya Rai Bachchan have all tested positive. They have all been admitted in Mumbai’s premium Nanavati Hospital.

Media has gone into a frenzy about this, every channel has provided at least a couple of dedicated personnel only to report how they are coping up with the disease. It seems the remaining 8 lakh+ people, who have been affected and thousands who have died have suddenly gone into the backburner.

While it cannot be denied that Television Rating Points (TRP) is one of the main reasons for this media hyper activity, another factor is that how the Bachchans cope with the COVID disease will have some implications on how we the nation will fight the dreaded virus in the future. We are a country known for hero worshipping and in this case the biggest superstar of the country and his family is in the forefront.

This will have 3 major interpretations. Two Positive and one that unfortunately could be Negative.

Let’s look at the positive aspects first:

1. Hopefully, it will teach people to follow safer practices thinking that if one of the topmost families couldn’t escape the virus, we need to be even more safer in our lifestyle practices.

2. If they all get cured, particularly Amitabh Bachchan, then the mindset will be – “If such a senior person with multiple health issues can recover, we can also recover if affected.” Trust me, your mental strength has a huge role to play in tackling any situation.

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I do not even wish to consider the scenario that could bring in the negative aspect but heaven forbid, if something untoward happens to either of the three, it would bring forth a huge depression amongst people, who would start feeling unsafe at every point.

So, let us all wish the first family of Bollywood a speedy recovery from the virus; their recovery will play a huge role in strengthening our mindset to fight this menace.

Stay safe everyone and follow the rules of Social Distancing that the Government expects us to follow. Please do not have an aura of invincibility about yourself, many a people with this attitude have already kissed Life the final goodbye.

Together we can and we will overcome COVID 19!

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