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A day in the lockdown

I was walking down the steps of my flat with a bag, when suddenly Rita yelled from behind, “You have not taken your mask.’’ She handed me the mask with a smile. Yes, indeed wearing masks has become the “new normal” in today’s world after this Corona outbreak. Everything has changed over a few weeks. The terms like “social distancing”, “sanitizing” has suddenly become a part of our lives. I and Rita are now able to spend more time with each other. But even, a month back the things were quite different from now. We were struggling to find any time for each other and were also having daily squabbles over many issues. We hardly had the time and on Sundays, we were too exhausted to go on an outing. The day whizzed past, too fast. But now, the situation is quite different.
It seemed as if I have returned to my school days and enjoying a long summer vacation. I and Rita have now made it a habit to sit with my mom in her room and have our evening tea and snacks. And my mother often narrates many incidents of my childhood and I could cherish my good old childhood days. All these thoughts were crowding my mind when suddenly; I recuperated my senses by the call of a familiar shopkeeper wearing a mask.

I was busy cleaning the vegetable that my husband, Ashok has brought from the market. This pandemic has doubled my household chores. Every time, I have to sanitize everything and also clean my hands properly after doing so.
Even after following so many precautions, are we safe from the virus? I wonder sometimes. The number of affected persons is increasing by leaps and bounds. I get worried about Ashok who has to visit the market regularly. This pandemic has drastically altered our lifestyles. I and Ashok do not have to rush to our respective offices. We now can relax and enjoy our morning tea together. Before, the lockdown, I thought that Ashok is bored of me. He hardly bothered about my emotions.
He was so engrossed in his tight schedule. I suspected that he has found someone else. We often used to have daily squabbles. He also complained that I was always busy. Maybe he was right, we were so busy in our daily schedules that we hardly had time for each other. This lockdown has made us realize our faults. We did not make any endeavors to fill up the gulf that had developed between us. But, now I could feel Ashok is trying his best to make me happy. And I am also doing my best. But I have not able to see my mom and dad for a long time. I miss them a lot. Oh! my god. How did he know? He is coming with the phone. I could see my mother on the screen with a resplendent smile. I was over the moon with joy.

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I was going through the Bhagavad Gita and was constantly taking notice of the time. It was almost four o clock in the afternoon. In an hour or so, Ashok and Rita will come to my room with evening tea. I look forward to this hour of the day. Ashok and Rita are having no more squabbles and they are having a great time. Indeed this, the lockdown has proven to be a blessing in disguise for their relationship. The things were moving in such a direction that I was apprehending the worse. But things are a lot better now. And they are also finding a lot of time for me. I just heard a knock on my door. Have they come early today? I went to the door with a gleaming smile.

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