I should have told her earlier but to be very frank I had completely transported his memories to the oblivion. I admitted that I was recalling our good old college days. We soon returned to our hotel where we met Arnab with whom I introduced Malini and Nil. They exchanged courteous smiles and soon we were off to our room. I took a bath but the glimpses of the past started haunting me. Maybe I could have dealt with the situation more sensibly.

These thoughts and these persistent encounters with Arnab were disturbing me to the hilt. This sojourn did not seem quite relaxing to me anymore. I could have changed our hotel the moment I saw Arnab but at that time I was too taken aback to decide anything. I could not imagine that his presence would haunt me in this manner. However, I endeavored to regain my composure as much as I could.

We finished taking our baths and we went down to the in-house restaurant for our lunch. Arnab greeted us and he surprised us by gifting Nil with a hefty chocolate bar. Nil looked at us for acquiring our permission. We relented and Nil thanked him heartily for this chocolate. We finished our lunch and went to have an afternoon slumber after a sumptuous lunch. But I could hardly sleep while both Malini and Nil were sound asleep being exhausted by the long drive. I thought that I had to spend some time alone and rejuvenate my mind with some fresh breeze.

I left a note for Malini that I was at the sea beach and she could call me up when she is awake. I knew very well that I could easily get an hour to spend by myself which would be enough to revive my composure.

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I stepped out of my room but could not find Arnab at the reception desk. The beech seemed to be a bit calmer than it was in the morning. But things would drastically change after an hour or so as the wee hours of the day ends. I was strolling down the extensive beach road with a spectacular view of the sea. My mind was busy veering down the memory lane.
A rift was gradually developing between me and Arnab since his attitude was drastically changing.I was quite startled to observe that Arnab was quite possessive about me in a manner that made me feel awkward.I started noticing that Arnab disliked my interactions with any female batch mate.

At first, I was trying to ignore this but soon I realized that this issue is gradually aggravating. We started to have daily squabbles because I was not able to withstand such bindings. Undoubtedly, I considered Arnab quite a close friend of mine, but I soon realized that Arnab considered me more than just a friend. I had some knowledge about these same-gender relationships but I could not imagine that I will have to encounter this kind of experience.

I then started to make a few things very clear to Arnab.I clearly stated that he will have to interact with me just like normal friends. I have no problem with that but if he anticipates anything else from me other than friendship then he will only get disappointed. He seemed to understand but the things only started getting worse. I realized that I was no longer enjoying his company, rather I was becoming agitated with each passing day. He was continuously complaining that I did not pay much heed to his feelings and emotions.

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To be continued

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