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Down the memory lane – The conclusion

I was starting to ignore him since I felt much better taking with other friends since Arnab’s only topic of discussion was about us and our bonding. He even started performing antics like feigning sudden illness to grab my attention. But I could see through his tricks I did not pay much heed to his behavior. Nonetheless, his behavior was surprising me every day

He hardly participated in other topics like sports, cinema, etc like my other batchmates. It seemed as if Arnab was obsessed about me and nothing else mattered to him, he just wanted to know what was bothering me, why I was acting differently. I could no longer recall the exact sequence of events that followed but I could remember that I soon started maintaining distance with him and he suddenly he stopped coming to college.

I could realize the reason but I didn’t call him up since it seemed quite a respite from the hands of his constant attention-seeking. I presumed that he would misinterpret my feelings if I called him up and would again start bothering me with renewed zeal. He has to know his limitations. But somehow I could not evade this feeling that I might be responsible for his sudden drop-out from college or it could be anything else.

A few months rolled on, and suddenly, Arnab rejoined college and I learned that he was suffering from jaundice. To my utter surprise, he did not pay any heed to my presence. Maybe he had accepted the truth but somehow I felt tad lousy since all these weird series of events culminated in the termination of our friendship. We hardly talked throughout our remaining college tenure.
Thoughts often crossed my mind that I could try to recommence our friendship but then I thought this would again lead to a similar set of events. Meanwhile, we completed our degree and parted our ways to completely lose any trace of contact with each other. But I still remember the day of our convocation. Arnab was blankly looking at me, his eyes depicted thousand tales but his lips never moved. We silently exchanged stares but neither could come up with any coherent expressions.


And we have reconnected once again after so many years in the most unexpected manner. It started drizzling and I had completely forgotten to carry an umbrella. Hence I started to dash for some cover but it was too late; the monsoon showers started pelting down on me. Suddenly when I was getting inundated with the monsoon deluge, a realization dawned on me. I should only retain the warmth of our connection and discard all the peripheral dissidence since the true essence of intransient emotions lies in its indelible nature. Completely drenched but reinvigorated to the hilt, I returned to our hotel.


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