Alok Sen sauntered into the lavish three-storied building encompassed by a sprawling neatly maintained garden. Alok was saluted by the sturdy gatekeeper. They were quite familiar with his presence of late. The guard was a bit surprised that Alok came alone today.

Usually, he is accompanied by two or three constables and Mr. Roy, the sub-inspector. They had already searched the place thoroughly in quest of any evidence of the murder. Alok, the senior inspector, and his team have left no stone unturned to find the crucial murder weapon. But have not yet got hold of that. The forensic report suggested that Mr. Tiwari was stabbed multiple times with a knife.

The maidservant and her fourteen-year-old daughter, Jhumki clearly stated that Mr. Tiwari was murdered by a few local goons who had also rampaged their home. Mrs. Tiwari had gone to a nearby temple and the gate-keeper was in his quarter since he was running a high fever. Mr. Desai, a family friend of the Tiwari’s, informed that these local goons were trying to extort a hefty sum from Mr.Tiwari. They had threatened to kill him if he did not relent. Mr. Desai advised him to inform the police but he paid heed to neither their threats nor to his friend’s advice.

The police were already in search of them since they were involved in a handful of crimes including few political murders. They might have absconded to the neighboring states. Alok has already informed the police stations of the neighboring states to look out for these goons. They had also taken the mobile phone of Mr. Tiwari to the cyber cell for finding out any relevant pieces of evidence. The report came today and there must have been something wrong in the report since Alok looked quite pensive.

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But everybody in the department knew that this case was just a simple case where the goons had murdered an established industrialist and looted his house in the absence of the guard that day. A handsome amount of cash was also missing from his locker. These incidents are occurring quite frequently these days and these susceptible wealthy persons I need to tighten up their securities.

The maidservant greeted Alok and asked him to wait in the drawing-room for Mrs. Tiwari. Alok sat in an overstuffed chair and his expressions suggested that he was brooding over something. Mrs. Tiwari soon arrived draped in an off-white sari and seated herself on the sofa. Alok began, “Sorry to bother you Mrs. Tiwari, but I had to tell u something. We had taken your husband’s mobile for some investigations. We have come across many videos, mam. I believe these were recorded by your husband in hidden cameras. I have transferred these videos in my mobile, will you like to have a look at them”.

No, I am not interested”, Mrs. Tiwari replied bluntly. Alok gave a wry smile, “You already know what I am talking about. You knew very well that your husband is a womanizer. It is hard to believe that you were completely unaware of your husband’s character. But you might be unaware that your husband used to forcefully make these lurid videos and extort money from these helpless women.”

Mrs.Tiwari listened with rapt attention and then she replied in a stern voice “My husband had become a monster; an absolute heartless devil. I could feel that every single day. He sternly believed that his wealth can get him out of any trouble. But I was helpless. He hardly talked to me these days. I wanted to leave this house, but I had no place to go. I stayed on, hoping against hope that he will change..he will again love me the way he used to…but he never came back.And that day, I found him forcing himself on Jhumki. Jhumki, who was like my daughter! How could he do so? I lost my mind completely, Mr. Sen. I stabbed him repeatedly with the kitchen knife. He did not deserve to live…”

Mrs. Tiwari was constantly sobbing, Alok now interrupted, “I suspected this, Mrs. Tiwari but I was not anticipating your confession.” “I wanted to call the police and surrender, Mr. Sen. But Jkumki’s mother, our maid did not let me do it. She covered this up. She was aware of the threats of the goons. She thoroughly cleaned the blood laden kitchen knife and placed it back in our kitchen. She took away the money from the closet and misplaced some valuables from our room to make everything look like a dacoity. She immediately asked me to go to the nearby temple to create an alibi for me.

Alok replied, “I must admit that your maid is exceptionally composed and has nerves of steel. She has saved you Mrs.Tiwari.”  Mrs. Tiwari looked surprised, “I have confessed everything to you. You will now arrest me, how am I saved, Mr. Sen?’’.

Alok smiled and said, “I know that you are a criminal in the eyes of law. But you know Mrs. Tiwari, the law is blind. It is dependent on the pieces of evidence that are presented in the courtroom. And for this, we often fail to punish the actual criminals. We have to produce some evidence against you, but unfortunately, we do not have anything except your confession. And I have not recorded your confession. I will take your leave now madam, take care”.

Mrs. Tiwari was startled and kept silent. Few words uttered by her were still ringing in Alok’s mind as he motioned to leave the place, “He did not deserve to live“.

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