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The couple

“We are having a great time, Rahul isn’t it. Vizag is such a wonderful place. It’s a great choice I must say. It has been such a long time, we are so busy in our respective lives,’’ Anita said with a resplendent smile. Rahul was lying beside her in a neat spacious room of a luxurious hotel. Rahul now rested his back on the pillow and said with a meaningful wink, “My choice is always great.” and then added, “I had come here when I was about twelve years old with my parents. The thing that attracts me the most is the unique blend of sea and the rocky hills. It is just impeccable, very hard to find such visuals anywhere else. It is just stunning. We have not visited Kailashgiri yet. You will love it, honey.”
Anita replied, “Every moment spent with you seems so special Rahul. We have come for a vacation, this itself seems like a dream to me.’’ Rahul nodded with a smile and said, “ Freshen up dear. Now let’s go for some local sightseeing. I have already made all arrangements. Let’s hurry up, the driver will arrive in fifteen minutes and you take quite a long time getting ready. I wonder why you have to spend so much time on your make up. You already look so stunning, honey. Absolute femme fatale, I must say. ”
Anita blushed and replied, “You are exaggerating, dear. Maybe you love me such much that’s why. But I am aging, after all, I must maintain myself properly, or else you won’t be attracted to me anymore.” Rahul replied, “ You women and your eternal insecurities. I love you, Anita, from the bottom of my heart. Looks hardly matters, we will both grow old. But, my love will never fade even a bit, honey. I love you from our college days. Has my feelings changed over the years?”

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Anita replied with a smile, “I know dear it has not and it will never change. But it’s always quite pleasing to hear it occasionally from your mouth. Now let me get up, or you will again start complaining”. They soon got ready while the driver was waiting for them in a swanky car. They visited Kailashgiri and all the nearby local tourist spots.
A couple of days just rolled along nicely amidst lots of fun and frolic. Last night, Rahul even arranged a surprise candlelight dinner beside the poolside with the help of the hotel manager. Anita was hardly expecting this, she was over the moon with joy. Rahul also gifted her a local saree and a bouquet of red roses. The manager had also arranged a couple of violin players and it was a perfect romantic night for the couple.
But this morning they were busy packing their bags, Anita said remorsefully, “I wish you could prolong our holidays for two more days. We could have then visited Araku. My colleagues had told me it’s such a nice and quiet place, would have been perfect for us.’’ Rahul replied, “Next time we will go there for sure, Araku is a lovely place. I have also heard that.”They soon got ready and left the hotel and headed towards the airport.
They soon returned to their home town and after collecting their baggage Anita said with a wry smile, “Goodbyes are never easy, dear. But this trip was wonderful. I hope you will come up with more such plans like these. Nina and your children must be waiting for you, Rahul. Bye, and take care”. Rahul replied, “It pains to bid goodbye. But, Abhinash is also waiting for you I guess, Take care, honey. See you very soon dear.’’ The couple now parted their ways.

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