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The Divine Saviours

“Yes, I am coming, please wait, I am coming as early as possible, I don’t know how I am going to reach there, it’s raining so hard”, Meher hung up the call.

Indeed the monsoon shower was pelting down on the narrow bylanes of North Kolkata. Meher was about to finish her tuition classes when Sima, their neighbor called up informing that her mother was unwell and was having acute chest pain. She had already suffered a couple of heart attacks and she needed to be hospitalized as quickly as possible. But it was raining so hard that she could not get hold of any conveyance. Even the app cars were not available at that time.

Meher knew Sima who also happened to be her bosom friend must be trying her level best to hospitalize her mother. Mahler has to reach her place immediately, but she was not able to figure out how to reach there. It has been just fifteen minutes’ drive from here, but she has to get hold of a cab. The umbrella which she was carrying was unable to withstand the belligerence of the rain and

Meher was partly drenched. She was heading towards the main road when suddenly she saw few men drenched in the rain were nearing him. Their appearance suggested that they might be miscreants and Meher could apprehend what was coming. But suddenly two women and a stout man appeared on the scene. Meher could hardly decipher their appearance from a distance, but she noticed that the men who were closing in suddenly sauntered their way back on seeing the trio. They came close and Meher could now see them.


The women were draped in bright sarees and wore heavy makeup. The stout man wore a colorful T-shirt, ripped jeans, and a vibrant bandana. Meher realized that her saviors belonged to the nearby red light area. Meher thanked them heartily and said, “You have already helped me a lot. Can you do me another favor? My mother is sick. She has to be hospitalized immediately. I have to reach home. Can you please arrange something or else my mother will,” she started sobbing.

They started discussing among themselves. It seemed that the man was not too keen to help but the woman forced her to call somebody. After about fifteen minutes a cab arrived. It was evident that the cab driver was this man’s friend and he has arrived amidst this heavy shower only because of his friend requests.

Meher stepped into the cab, thanking them once again. The cab driver was aware of the situation and drove to Meher’s place and then to the hospital at a brisk pace. Meher ultimately was able to hospitalize her mother in time. After her mother was admitted, she narrated her experience in detail to Sima. Sima was quite startled. Meher said, “I am indebted to them, Sima. They have bailed both me and mother out of fatal situations. They were indeed angels who were sent by the Almighty to rescue us”. And these divine saviors often appear in the most unexpected forms.

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